Da Ros Seeder

Nursery seeding machines from Da Ros have several models available depending on customers requirements.

Blade Seeders

  • Nozzle seeder S6 suitable for seeding multiple seeds into a single pot (basil etc.) Pneumatic operation

See picture below: S6 placing seeds into pots



Semi-automatic bar seeders with Nozzles SEM 100 series

Are designed for small quantities and medium needs. Pneumatic operation.

Due to the "row by row" dibbling and "row by row" seeding operation, small volumes of seed (naked, coated or pelleted) can be sown into many different types of trays.

Adjusting seeding bars and/or nozzles is quickly and easily done, making it possible to seed different sized and varieties of seeds into the various cell configurations in trays.

Extensive range of seeding bars and nozzles are available to suit the many different seeds and trays.

Machine parts:

    • Support frame
    • Movable tray holder
    • Seedling head
    • Suction jar for left over seeds

See Video below: Da Ros Seeder Operation Demonstration - SEM100


For more information about Seeder SEM100, click here to see extracts from the machine manual

See Video below: Seeding trays

Click on the image below for technical information located on Da Ros website:

Bar Seeder LS series

seeder-LS7-line-with-vemiculite-covering.jpgBar seeder with several Da Ros units/modules put together in a line make up this production machine e.g.Model LS7, moves trays along a transport belt then dibbles holes in media, places seeds in holes, covers with Vermiculite or perlite, waters and re-stacks trays (optional) ready for dispatch to the green house.

The machine is electric-pneumatic and fully adjustable along with belt speeds all controlled by a dust proof touch screen control panel.

Machine parts

  • Support frame
  • Tray advancement conveyor belt
  • Dibbling unit
  • Bar seeding unit
  • Vibration covering unit for vermiculite   or
  • Drum covering unit for vermiculite or perlite    and / or
  • Belt covering unit for peat, soil media or sand
  • Watering unit
  • Tray restacking unit (optional)
  • End roller conveyor for run off of stacked trays (optional)
  • Coloured touch screen control

Bar & Drum Seeder Combination LR 400 Series

An integrated electronic combination seeder system with a "seed holding drum assembly" along with a "bar sowing unit" for low and high volume seeding operations on the one machine.

Having the capacity of high production seeding rates but also capable of a "row by row" bar system which enables seeding where a small quantity of seeds (naked or pelleted) are required. Having this flexibility enables the sowing of many varieties of difficult sized seeds and quantities.

The drum seeder and conveyor belt have independant speed control making it possible to deposit multiple seeds per cell without changing the drum.

PLC control allows adjustments to be simply performed. Changing drums if needed can easily be performed by the operator.

This machine can be fed by a tray filler without making electrical connections.

Seeder LR series dibbles holes in media, deposits seeds in holes, covers with Vermiculite or perlite, waters and re-stacks trays ready for dispatch to the green house

Machine parts

  • Support frame
  • Tray advancement belt conveyor
  • Flat dibbling unit
  • Drum sowing unit
  • Bar sowing unit
  • Sub-silent vacuum pump
  • Belt covering unit for peat or soil media
  • Watering Tunnel
  • Tray stacker
  • PLC control

Drum Seeder LR 600 series

Seeder LR 600 series is a integrated electronic seeder utilising a rotating drum seeder assembly. These Seeder lines can have (single, double or triple drum sowing heads).

Single drum sowing head -  with independent electronic speed control on the transport conveyor belt and sowing drums, enables insertion of several seeds per hole without changing the drums.

Seeder-Line-20120621_01.jpgDouble drum sowing heads - additionally allows seeds to be put in a staggered cell pattern.

Triple drum sowing heads - additionally allows multiple (3) different types of seed to be sown. Ideal for multiple flower colours.

These machines dibble, seed, covers with vermiculite, peat, sand or perlite, waters and stacks. The equipment is very easy and simple to adjust and change the drums making it efficient to plant different types of seeds into different types of trays automatically.

These machines can also be fed by any tray filler without making electric connections.

Additionally various units or assemblies can be added for dibbling holes in media, belt or vibrational covering with peat, vermiculite or perlite, watering tunnel or tunnels depending on water penetration required and tray re-stackers in preparation for dispatch to the green house.

Seeder drum holders are available for storing the different seeder drums you may have to keep for the different seeds. Fits neatly under the conveyor.

Machine components

  • Support structure
  • Tray transport belt
  • Flat dibbling unit
  • Drum sowing unit 1
  • Sub-silent vacuum pump
  • Drum covering unit 2
  • Watering tunnel
  • Tray stacker and discharge
  • Unloading roller conveyor
  • PLC control

See video below to see how the seedling machine works:


Why purchase Da Ros Seedling Machines from C-Mac

  • Australian technical support & local maintenance are available
  • As an approved and exclusive Da Ros partner in Australia, we have direct and established contacts within Da Ros to obtain spare parts and technical support.
  • Da Ros brand is world renown with many years of experience. With its proven track record, Da Ros is an established leader in the field of nursery automation equipment.
  • Over 30 years Italian made with high quality

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