Transport Conveyor Belts

Da Ros and C-Mac equipment can be interfaced with the transport pot and tray conveyor belts and controlled with an electronic speed control.

Conveyors are of a modular aluminium slim profile where each module is self-driven and available in different lengths. Within the frame is a belt tensioner equalizer to keep a constant tension on the belt.

The fixed speed conveyor belt module (10 metres per minute) comes with support legs, the initial support leg different to the intermediate support legs. Another option is to have support legs with wheels.

Wiring connection is provided. Variable speed controller can be supplied along with a reversing gear option.

  • Conveyor-junction-CV90.jpgBelt width is 180mm and can carry pots sizes of 10 – 22 cm diameter.
  • Conveyor lengths can be 1 to 6 metres in length

Other belt widths: 300mm, 315mm, 460mm, 560mm and 760mm

90 degree pot or tray diverters with either a hook diversion or a be self-driven diverter are available. 

  • Pots can be regulated with a distance adjustment module added to the conveyor
  • Conveyor-work-station.jpgConveyors can be remote controlled or foot pedal operated if required
  • Sensors can be fitted if a final stop is required.
  • Mechanical or electronic speed control
  • Motors and gearboxes have thermal overload protection

Manual forks are available for unloading pots off transport conveyors.

The number of pots lifted will vary on the pot diameter.

Why purchase Da Ros Transport Conveyor Belts from C-Mac

  • Australian technical support & local maintenance
  • C-Mac is an approved Da Ros partner for Australia with direct and established contacts within Da Ros to obtain spare parts and technical support.
  • Da Ros brand is world renown with many years of experience and a proven track record. Established leaders in the field of nursery automation equipment
  • Italian made quality for over 30 years

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