Nursery Pot Stabilisers

potted_plants_blown_overIn plant nurseries, lightweight pots or tall bulky potted plants and trees blow/fall over if exposed to strong winds.

What are the problems in blown-over potted plants?

1. It costs time

You need to spend time tipping the plants back up. According to University of Wisconsin’s survey, to right containers after they have blown over, growers have to spend 50 hours a year on average rectifying the situation.

Prior to wind storms unnecessary urgent time rushing around is spent watering potted plants to increase their weight to help minimise blow over.

2. It costs money 

(1) Labour cost: The amount of money lost is at least 50 hours per year of your staff’s time at your hourly rate.

(2) Material cost: Spilled fertiliser and potted media wasted, unnecessary watering, hence material costs go up.

(3) Unexpected costs:  Potentially, staff could trip and hurt themselves trying to right all the plants, trip hazards, uncontrolled twisting and bending rushing to rectify the situation because time not available or costed for this unexpected wind event.

3. Harms product quality

(1) When blown over, the plants’ branches are most likely to damage each other and ruin the shapes of the plants.

(2) Fertiliser will spill out and the plants lose potential nutrients, which causes damage to the end product quality and marketability.

Nursery_Pot_StabilisersHow to prevent wind damage?

A good solution is to stabilise the pots by utilising metal wire frames, which not only stop the potted plants and trees from being blown over, but also enables an optimal presentation and controlled spacing

What is the benefit of using the nursery pot stabiliser?

  • Protect container plants from damage due to wind blow over
  • No toppling over, lower chance of dehydration and damage
  • nursery_pot_stabiliser_with_Skid_Fork-liftEasy (fork-lift) transport to efficiently move bulk plants around the nursery. Greatly reduce labour costs for righting knocked down trees and having to manually move plants around by hands (See pictures on the right)
  • Improved efficiencies by reducing double and multiple handling of pots
  • Wire Racks stackable and reusable

How does the nursery pot stabiliser perform?

The product provides pot support by neatly fitting under the pot rim, thus allowing for a snug fitting plant compartment and secure placement on the geotextile fabric, gravel or ground. Hence, the chance of toppling over is limited to an absolute minimum.  

See the video below for the difference by using the product:

Why Choose C-Mac's Nursery Pot Stabiliser?

 Pot-Stabiliser-Original-Rack Pot-Stabiliser-V-feet-Rack
  • Light weight and handy
  • Easy for transport (Efficient stacking on pallets for storage or transport)
  • High quality with galvanized steel wire construction
  • Easy to use and stack, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Standard sizes are available or specially made to meet customers’ requirement.

Pot-Stabiliser-Flat-FloorOriginal Rack - Standard Products from stock:

Type 3 Litre 1189 x 851 mm 
7x5 pot cells 
with standard mesh 70 stations/pallet
Type 4 Litre 1128 x 941 mm 
6x5 pot cells
with standard mesh 70 stations/pallet
Type 5 Litre 1224 x 1021 mm 
6x5 pot cells
with standard mesh 60 stations/pallet
Type 7.5 Litre 1166 x 934 mm 
5x4 pot cells
with standard mesh 60 stations/pallet
Type 10 Litre 1287 x 1030 mm 
5x4 pot cells
with standard mesh 50 stations/pallet
Type 12-15 Litre 1127 x 1026 mm 
3x3 pot cells
with full spacer mesh 50 stations/pallet

V-feetRack – Standard Products form stock:

Type Measurement Kind Meshes Number Meshes Pot Meshes Per Pallet
3 Litre 1180 x 850 x 118mm Standard 7 x 5 = 35 17 150
4 Litre 1130 x 940 x 135mm Standard 6 x 5 = 30 15 150
5 Litre 1230 x 1020 x 140mm Standard 6 x 5 = 30 15 150
7.5 Litre 1170 x 930 x 170mm  Standard 5 x 4 = 20 10 150
 10 Litre 1290 x 1030 x 180mm   Standard 5 x 4 = 20 10 150
12-15 Litre 1130 x 1030 x 220mm Standard 3 x 3 = 9 9 150


Download standard V feetRack drawing here

The product is engineered to prevent plants from falling over, it is the perfect solution to protect potted plants when a storm or strong wind hits your nursery, preventing plant damage due to tip-overs. Wire racks also work well to hold plants that are difficult to grown straight in containers.

The “Nursery Pot Stablisers” are made by Floor Van SCHAIK in Netherlands (where it is extremely windy) and are recognised widely throughout the world by garden centres and numerous types of nurseries including trees nurseries, flower nurseries and many more.

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