Shade House & Green House

Shade House

C-Mac's shade house is used to maximize the growing rate of seeds, plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables etc. It consists of heavy duty galvanized steel frame and quality shade cloth to protect plants and growers. The easy-to-assemble kit, reduces the transport cost to its minimum. With its Australian made quality and the great support from C-Mac, garden plant hobbyists have been enjoying growing their shade loving plants in our shade house for over 40 years.......[Click here for details]

Green House

C-Mac's green house is the combination of a shade house and woven plastic fabric covers. It not only protects gardeners and plants from extreme weather, pest and animals, but also provides a great growing environment in all seasons to improve growth and gardening efficiency. With its quality metal frame and removable woven fabric covers, you can easily turn a shade house into a greenhouse or change a greenhouse back into a shade house. Its Australian made quality and flat pack (kit form) supply feature really pleases our customers......... [Click here for details]


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