Re-engineering Services in Sydney

Quite often a component/part can be improved when being replaced. Re-engineering provides customers with an alternative for sourcing parts for their equipment.

Plastic_Mould_CoreC-Mac Re-engineering Capabilities

By constantly seeking ways of improving equipment performance, C-Mac re-engineering services deliver more than just replacement parts. Components that were originally produced many years ago can often be upgraded with new designs and material improvements.

Re-engineering can be undertaken on a single component or included as part of a comprehensive design review on the entire machine through:

  • Dimensional inspection with accurate data and interpretation by experienced C-Mac machinery engineers (who know exactly what contributes to measurement error).
  • Clearly identify over-engineered parts for part clarity and part manufacture choice
  • 3D Component design improvements to correct deficiencies in OEM or imported parts
  • Improved serviceability and maintainability by
    1. Adapting OEM imported parts to unique or exceptional operation conditions
    2. Upgrading Material
    3. Improving performance characteristics
    4. Application of surface coatings

Why Choose C-Mac Re-engineering?

From upgrade components and quicker deliveries to replacing parts, C-Mac re-engineering offers an opportunity to ensure your machine keeps running at peak performance:

  • Improved equipment operation efficiency
  • Improved mechanical performance
  • Greater machinery capacity & extended operational life
  • Avoid the replacement of expensive equipment
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs

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