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C-Mac’s CNC Machining and Gear Cutting Services

C-Mac is the leading manufacturer of CNC precision parts and gear cutting in Western Sydney, NSW. Our quality services have been well recognised by our clients for over 50 years.

C-Mac can design, re-engineer and manufacture custom-made components to meet your specific requirement. Our wide range of precision engineering equipment and our committed engineering office staff and workshop tradesmen ensure that your jobs are in "safe hands".

Our knowledge and skills as well as the experience in the engineering industry help us provide what you require along with quality engineering, gear cutting and grinding services.

CNC Machining and Gear Cutting Photo Gallery

With C-Mac’s capability, we can handle various jobs from small to large projects. We strive for designing and manufacturing reliable engineering components with reliable and consistent performance for our customers.

SQI-9001-2015-QualityApproved-JASANZThroughout the years, we have been improving our skills to provide high-quality CNC precision componentry and custom made gears solving our customers’ problems without a lot of expense.

You can look at the photos below and click on each image to find more about our CNC Machining and Gear Cutting products and services. This gallery includes pictures of CNC Precision Machining, CNC Precision Engineering, CNC Component Engineering, Component and Part Repair, Gear Cutting. You can also 

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  • Machining Casting
    Machining Casting
  • Helicopter Gear Box Couplings
    Helicopter Gear Box Couplings
  • Gear Box Overhaul
    Gear Box Overhaul
  • Purpose Built Machinery
    Purpose Built Machinery
  • Precision Machined Components
    Precision Machined Components
  • Plastic Gears Machined
    Plastic Gears Machined
  • Special Steel Coupling

    Special Steel Coupling

  • Steel Pins Machined
    Steel Pins Machined
  • Plastic Pump Housing with steel liner

    Plastic Pump Housing with steel liner

  • Helical Gearcut Pinion
    Helical Gearcut Pinion
  • Gear Segments Machined
    Gear Segments Machined
  • Cutting Keyway in crank shaft

    Cutting Keyway in crank shaft

  • Milling on a lathe
    Milling on a lathe
  • Adaptor machined complete on lathe
    Adaptor machined complete on lathe
  • Car Wash Wheels & Shafts
    Car Wash Wheels & Shafts
  • Lifting hoist spur gear
    Lifting hoist spur gear
  • Lightening-Rods
  • CNC Plastic Machining
    CNC Plastic Machining
  • Turning steel
    Turning steel
  • 3_axis_lathe_milling
    3 axis lathe milling
  • Tool_Setting_on_CNC_Lathe
    Tool Setting on CNC Lathe
  • CNC_Machining_Centre
    CNC Machining Centre
  • Keywaying Shaft
    Keywaying Shaft
  • CAD_Drawing
    CAD Drawing
  • Gear_Cutting
    Gear Cutting
  • Flanged_Shafts_Machined
  • Machined_on_3_axis_lathe
  • OEM_Replacement_Parts
    OEM Replacement Parts
  • Crane_Wheel_Machined_Splined
    Crane Wheel Machined & Splined
  • Aluminium_Casting_Machined_on_Machining_Centre
    Aluminium Casting Machined on Machining Centre
  • Turned_Shafts
    Turned Shafts
  • Plastic_Gears_Cutting
    Plastic Gears Cutting
  • Precision_Machined_Parts
    Precision Machined Parts
  • Helical gearcut pinion resized
  • Rope_Drum_2
    Rope Drum
  • Internal_Tapered_Thread
    Internal Tapered Thread
  • CNC_Machining
    CNC Machining
  • Urethane_Mould_Core
    Urethane Mould Core
  • Maintenance_Repairs_or_Replacement_Parts
    Maintenance Repairs or Replacement Parts
  • Reverse_Engineering_Parts
    Reverse Engineering Parts
  • Finger_Bracket
    Finger Bracket
  • Nitrided_Gear_and_stub_shaft
    Nitrided Gear and Stub Shaft
  • Car_Wash_Wheels
    Car Wash Wheels
  • Spur_Gear_Welded_to_Stub_Shaft
    Spur Gear Welded to Stub Shaft
  • Hydraulic_Cylinders_Fabricated_Machined
    Hydraulic Cylinders Fabricated Machined
  • Plastic_Mould_Modified
    Plastic Mould Modified
  • Plastic_Guides
    Plastic Guides
  • Geared-Spring-Preload-Winders
    Geared Spring Pre-load Winders
  • cut-and-machine-scuba-tank-2.jpg