One STOP Custom Metal Fabrication Sydney Area

C-Mac provide you with ONE STOP custom metal fabrication solutions in Sydney since 1966. Our sheet metal fabrication services is well known and well praised in the industry due to the quaility workmanship and short lead time. Read futher for more details.


SheetmetalFor over 50 years, C-Mac Industries has been providing sheet metal & metal fabrication services in Sydney. Having many experienced sheet metal fabricators in-house, enables C-Mac to manufacture stainless steel and other metal sheets & plates with a focus on high quality and short lead times. From small jobs like hole punching, bending a steel bar or a simple metal box, to much bigger projects and complex metal products, machinery and structures, we utilise our diverse trade expertise and in-house skills to design and manufacture customers with the best “innovative metal solutions” for all your custom sheet metal requirements.......[Click to see details]


Welding & SolderingC-Mac Industries has been providing welding services for over 50 years, we specialise in welding fabrications using MIG welding,TIG welding, stick welding, spot welding, hole welding, soldering and brazing. From small job to big projects, our experienced welders work with stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, mild steel, Zinc Anneal, Alloys, Bronze, Cast Irons, Copper and Titanium Zinc. C-Mac’s welding of sheet metal is well-known for providing short lead times with a focus on quality workmanship......[Click to see details]

Sheet Metal Bending

Metal BendingC-Mac uses advanced metal folding tools and CNC break presses to bend sheet metal such as aluminium sheet, copper sheet, stainless steel sheet, brass sheet and numerous other metal sheet products. Apart from steel plate bending and rolling, C-Mac also does pipe bending and tube bending in-house, one of many metal forming processes. Experienced metal fabricators work with Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Mild Steel, Zinc Anneal, Alloys, Copper, Titan Zinc, Structual Steel, Aluminium utilising a CNC break press or manually using general sheet metal benders or pan breaks. Short lead time with Quality workmanship are C-Mac competitive advantage......[Click to see details]

Sheet Metal Cutting

Sheet Metal CuttingC-Mac uses advanced technology and a computerised high definition plasma cutter, guillotines, cut off saws/bandsaw and many other metal cutting tools and accessories to cut metal plate and sheet metal such as stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, aluminium sheet and zinc sheets and many others. Oxy Cutting, Saw Cutting, Profile Cutting, Bandsawing, Guillotining, Cropping, Manual Plasma Cutting and High Definition (HD) CNC Plasma Cutting in house with a focus on short lead times and high quality workmanship......[Click to see details]

Metal Profile Cutting

Profile CuttingAdopting advanced metal cutting technology, C-Mac has invested in a CNC high definition plasma metal profile cutter to undertake precision cutting, drilling and plasma engraving. For example: a metal plate has its fold lines marked, holes are either cut or spotted then the plate is profile cut to shape. Large steel plates can be profile cut as well. All steel and any other conductive material such as aluminium, stainless steel, galvanize sheet, mild steel, zinc sheet can be precisely plasma cut to size,approaching a laser quality finish and providing  short lead times.......[Click to see details]

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