Metal Bending & Stainless Steel Bending

Bending metal in CNC brake press

Metal Bending, which gives the ability to produce tight radius bends on sheetmetal with no wrinkles or deformation, is a manufacturing process that produces a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight axis in ductile materials most commonly known as sheet metal.

Sydney based C-Mac Industries specialises in C.N.C Metal Bending as well as manual metal bending & rolling. We cater from volume production runs down to the most complex shape, in small batch quantities with controlled accuracy and precision.

Metal Bending Capability

CNC Metal Air Bending  / Pressing / CNC Sheet Metal Folding

The range of metal bending technologies and equipment enables C-Mac to bend components, plate and sheet metal up to 4.2 metres in length and 8mm in thickness in various materials.

Manual Bending and Rolling

  1. Tube and pipe manual bending from as little as 10mm diameter up to 50 mm diameter.
  2. C-Mac can roll round bar, flat bar and wire to customer specifications.


  • CNC Brake Press
  • Versa Press and Brake Press  
  • Round/Flat Bar & Tube Benders
  • Sheet and Pipe Rolls
  • Pan Brakes
  • Metal Stamping Press
  • Fly Press
  • Other specialised machine presses

Bending Material Capability

  CNC Air Bending CNC Pressing CNC Folding Manual Bending Manual Rolling
Stainless Steel
Galvanised Steel
Mild Steel
Zinc Anneal
Cast Irons          
Titan Zinc
Structual Steel        

*Contact our experienced sheet metal specialists for technical information about material in metal bending.

WHY Choose C-Mac Metal Bending Services?

Quality in workmanship

  • C-Mac's advanced CNC sheet metal folding and metal bending machinery is designed for high precision and gives increased productivity, high reliability, lower energy consumption and less maintenance requirements.
  • The latest technology in detailed CNC folding and bending in press brakes ensures your jobs are in safe hands.

Short Lead Times

  • With a variety of skilled sheet metal tradesmen (with over 50 years of experience), advanced equipment, computer processes and efficient procedures in house as well as the high level of management in office and workshop, C-Mac has the ability to reduce turnaround times of the most complex jobs to the minimum.

Excellence in Customer Services

  • Our dedicated Staff strive to provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating customers’ needs and expectations and exceeding them every time.

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