Sheet Metal Product Diversity

Mobile BunkersMobile Dugout

C-Mac’s portable sport dugout is designed to give players shelter and bench seats at sport grounds for soccer, football, cricket, baseball, tennis and many other sports. Our mobile dugouts are high quality products that are customised to suit sporting clubs’ specific requirements...... [Click here to see details]

Water-Ski-RackWater Ski Rack

C-Mac’s water ski rack is engineered for water ski enthusiasts, to solve the skis storage problems and prevent people from tripping over water skis. The product keeps you safe, stay away from mess and protect you water skis and boat. With a unique clamp design, this quality long lasting product has UV resistant heavy duty shock cord…....[Click here to see details]

Sport Equipment Box  

C-Mac’s Sport Equipment Box is designed to store a large variety of sports equipment and accessories. It protects gear from falling leaves, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust and dirt. The quality and long lasting "sport equipment box" keeps your sport equipment and accessories dry and secure in any location………[Click here to see details]

Hook-lift Mobile Workshop


C-Mac’s hook-lift mobile workshop allows you to utilise your hook-lift trucks to its full potential. With high level of security, the mobile workshop can be furnished with different type of tools for your onsite jobs. Many great features with the product including easy to hook and unhook from trucks, full customisable, mutipurpose use......[click here to see details]


Walkovers/Platforms/Walkways/Access Stairs

conveyor-walkovers-stepoversC-Mac's walkovers/access stairs/fixed platforms/walk ways/stairways provide safe access to different places. The product can not only solve the problem any conveyor blocking your way or any internal access and external access problems, but also serves as a platform for support staff and material. [Click here to see details]

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