Walkovers/Platforms/Walkways/Access Stairs

conveyor-walkovers-stepoversC-Mac's walkovers, access stairs, fixed platforms, walk ways and stairways provide safe access to places used by operating, inspection, maintenance and servicing personnel.

Conveyor walkovers:

  • No more time wasted due to a conveyor blocking the way
  • Easy access to the other side of the conveyor  
  • Increase safety for staff

Platforms: A designated surface to support working staff, equipment and materials or for a safe resting area when climbing steps.

Access Stairs/Walkways: Make your internal access and external access easy and simple

platforms Walkways Acess-Stairs Stairs

Stainless Steel Handrails: Used for Walkovers/Platforms/Walkways/Access Stairs/Architectual

Stainless-Steel-Handrails2 Stainless-Steel-Hand-Rails


Size: Custom made according to customers’ specific requirements


  • Stainless Steel - Complies with Australian Standard specifications
  • Galvanised Steel - Complies with Australian Standard specifications
  • Galvanized steel pipe - Used for corrosion resistance, hot-dip galvanized internally and externally in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 4680 for hollow sections

*NOTE: Corrosion may occur when dissimilar metals are brought into contact with one another. Under certain conditions this should be considered.

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