Water Ski Rack

Water-Ski-RackFor water ski enthusiasts or the water sports family that have water skis lying on the floor or packed away in storage lockers that are too difficult to get out. These Water Ski Racks will solve your skis storage problems. C-Mac’s Water Ski Rack will prevent you from tripping over the water skis in your boat.

Why Choose Water Ski Racks?

Safe and Efficient

For water sports lovers especially those with a family, C-Mac's Water ski racks will improve your water skiing experience with you and your family. Your boat will be uncluttered and trip free by storing your water skis up out of the way on C-Mac’s water ski racks.

Stay Away from Clutter

It is always good to have a tidy boat while enjoying time out on the water.
Protect Water Skis and your boat

Providing a designated spot for your water skis will prevent them from getting scratched, broken or lost. Don't have your skis cutting upholstery or scratching your fibreglass.

Ski-fins-dont-interfereWhy Choose C-Mac Water Ski Racks?

  • The unique clamp design securely attaches the rack – providing a strong non slipping connection to your tower and won't rotate.
  • The UV resistant heavy duty shock cord holds your water skis in place
  • Quality long lasting product  – manufacturing processes accredited to Quality System AS/ISO 9001

Specific Features:

  1. Holds two (2) skis - Water ski rack suits skis only not suitable for wake boards
  2. Suits towers and any pipe work 38mm to 56mm diameter - Rigid with no rattles
  3. Water Ski Rack has been made to be adjustable to align skis to position required - e.g. horizontal to boat, as most tower pipe work is at various angles.
  4. Different to overseas imports:
    • Adjustable to enable large ski bindings to fit between rack supports
    • Larger distance between skis so ski fins don’t interfere
  5. Australian Made from marine grade aluminum – black anodized and supplied with stainless steel fasteners
  6. Rubber inserts in ski rack –  skis don’t get damaged and skis secured with bungee cord straps
  7. Sold in batches of 5 units

 Ski_Rack_Adjustable_Mountimg_Block Ski-Rack-Clamp-1

Water ski racks from C-Mac can be customised to suit your requirement. Give your boat the opportunity to look well organised again - protect your skis. Stay safe with a tidy boat! 

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