Sheet Metal Fabrication Sydney

Detailed Sheetmetal work

C-Mac Sheet Metal, a large structural steel fabrication and precision detail sheet metal fabrication shop in Sydney, started in a garage more than 50 years ago. The founder was able to fabricate stainless steel exhaust manifolds for inboard ski boats, which were something very special and hard to obtain at that time.

To this day, with a comprehensive range of computerised equipment and machinery to assist skilled tradesmen to fold, roll, shape, weld and finish products and projects, our detailed sheetmetal fabrication workshop is able to provide "innovative sheet metal solutions" by manufacturing items, products and equipment that customers have trouble sourcing or getting designed and manufactured.

Metal Products

Metal products & acoustic products such as Enclosures, Silencers, Louvres, Attenuators; Other custom metal products and components include Transitions, Walkovers, Walkways, Hand rails, Platforms, Cabinets, Frames, Architectural features, Structural components, Building projects and Installations, Cubicles, Tanks, Hoppers, Chutes, Air & dust ducting, Housings, Panels, Racking, Screens, Drip trays, Architectural work, Machine covers & guards, Bench tops, Machinery and many more. (See Photo Gallery)

Stainless_steel_fabrication.jpgMetal Projects

  • Purpose built products as listed above
  • One off jobs
  • Metal proto-typing
  • Emergency break down services
  • Repair and restore damaged parts
  • Onsite work

Materials in use

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminium, Zinc Annealed Steel, Structural Steel BHP sections, Perforated Steel, Woven and Wire Mesh, Expanded Mesh, Bisalloy, Zinc, Titan Zinc, Copper, Brass, Plastic, Cast Iron, Incoly, Manganese Steel and more.

Sheetmetal Capabilities


Cover every aspect of sheetmetal fabrication including cutting, folding, notching, pressing, perforating, guillotining, punching, TIG, MIG and Oxy welding, bending, forming, rolling, corrugating, lock seaming, cropping, drilling and painting are all done at C-Mac

Also available:

  • Water Jet services
  • Wire Cutting services
  • Tooling services


  • CNC Press Brake (as pictured to the right) CNC Press Brake
    • 220 tonne Pressing
    • 4.3 metre bending length
    • 3.750 metre between frames
    • 200mm = Stroke
    • 300mm = Gap inside frames
  • Kinetic High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
    • 6m x 2.5 bed
    • cuts up to 32mm plate thickness
    • drilling & engraving capability
  • Automatic Internal Internal hole weldingWelding Machine
    • Hole welding 25 to 500mm diameter holes
    • Automatic welding of internal and external diameters
    • Eliminates the need for bushes
    • Automatic continuous production welding
    • Minimum diameter – 30mm
    • Maximum diameter – 500mm
    • Vertical travel – increments of 125mm
    • Torch Head Advance – 3mm per rev.
  • Cincinnati Guillotine with digital back stops
    • capable of cutting 6.0mm thickness x 3 metre sheets
  • Welding machines
    for MIG, TIG, Oxy and Spot Welding processes
  • Notching Tool
    • capable of a 300mm notch.
  • Rolling machines – for bar and sheet – for cones cylinders and tubes
    • up to 3mm thick x 2.44m long
  • Seaming and lock forming equipment
  • Cropping machine for bar & angle
  • Pipe and tube bending – hydraulic and mechanical
  • Cold sawing, punch presses, bar bender, pan brakes and a host of other allied equipment and accessories.


  • Multiple welding bays with fume extractionSheet metal workshop
  • Large piped compressed air facility
  • Semi-trailer access
  • Overhead travelling Cranes
    • 2 tonne
    • 3 tonne with 6.4 metres under the hook
    • all lifting equipment is certified and inspected
  • Overhead Yard crane
    • 2 tonne
  • Large hard standing area
  • Gas yard with various gases piped throughout factory to work welding bays
    • welding fume extraction system throughout factory
  • Spray booth
    • with fume extraction
    • 4m wide x 6m deep x 2.5m high
  • Range of steel stock

Regularly_Service_your_Equipment.jpgAdditional Services

  • 1 tonne pick-up & delivery vehicles
  • 2.5 t container packing Komatsu Forklift
  • Sales Engineers with utes on the road,
    • readily available for Customer Service
  • Modern offices and conference facilities
  • Visa and Master Card accepted

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Testimonial_Antony_Howell-Smith_Spill_Station_Australia.jpg"They completed the job within the deadline that we requested and the workmanship exceeded our customers’ expectations. I would not hesitate to offer C-Mac any future work or to refer them to our clients for similar or any type of work, I will also be considering C-Mac for some products that we get fabricated locally. Thank you for the work and service. It’s something that is sadly lacking in Australia nowadays"

- - - Antony Howell-Smith, Spill Station Australia, Sales Manager

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