C-Mac Sheet Metal & Engineering Introduction

With over 50 years of experience in Steel Sheet Fabrication and CNC Precision Machining, C-Mac Industries is known to be a market leader in the Australian manufacturing industry (Clients have testified about our performances).

C-Mac caters to a wide range of clients from small to large businesses.


Proudly Australian made and owned, C-Mac manufactures and supplies metal products as asked for by customers.

C-Mac’s Sheet Metal and Engineering Services In Western Sydney

Sheet Metal

Metal Sheet Fabrication is the building/fabrication of metal items by the means of cutting, bending and then assembling.

C-Mac is capable of doing a wide range of services for the clients. We have a number of skilled sheet metal workers who are very diverse in their skills and capable of completeing many different kinds of projects. With the use of modern equipment, both conventional and computer-controlled, services are done in a short span of time.

C-Mac’s Sheet Metal Services:

1. Metal Products

Custom Metal Products and metal components working with different grades of materials.

2. Metal Projects

  • Prototyping
  • Damaged Parts Restoration
  • One Off Jobs
  • Customised Products
  • Emergency Services
  • Work Onsite

(3) Sheet Metal Forming Services

Includes: Cutting of steel, bending of metal, rolling and drilling etc.

(4) Custom Steel Fabrication

Meets the client’s customisation demands.

C-Mac values quality in services. We guarantee you that we have the right people and equipment for the jobs you want done. In other words, your jobs are in oursafe hands.


CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control Machining) is a process used in manufacturing which includes the use of computers to take control on a number of machine tools.

C-Mac provides numerous machined metal products for clients. C-Mac has some of the latest equipment available along with highly qualified and experienced trades staff. Because of these available resources and responsiveness, machined items are provided on time as promised to a high quality of workmanship.

These are our Machining Services:

1.  In house manufacturing of CNC precision parts and components

2.  Machined products

3.  Engineering & Gear Cutting projects for:

  • Restoration of damaged parts
  • Emergency Services
  • Prototyping of components
  • One off jobs
  • Customized components
  • Working Onsite

4. CNC Precision Engineering and Gear Cutting Services

  • Gear Cutting
  • CNC Precision Machining
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • CNC Precision Parts Design
  • Metal and Sheet Metal Fabrication Support

C-Mac has been a leader of CNC Machining in Western Sydney for more than 50 years. C-Mac has continueing to learn and grow with the experiences gained over many years in finding  for the ideal solution to give you only the best for your engineering projects. With the belief of accuracy and consistency, we assure our clients on the long-term durability of our products and services.

Why Choose C-Mac?

Customer Service- C-Mac focuses on customer service before everything else. Clients have direct contact to the person doing the job.

Time- Projects and services are done by our highly trained and skilled workers. This means that we can do the job fast. Time and money are saved because of our workers’ productivity.

Quality- Usually, when a job is done fast, the quality of the product can be degraded. It is different with C-Mac. Despite the short time of product completion, quality is preserved. Services are done by only the best artisans. We value quality as much as we value our customers’ needs, expectations, and satisfaction.

Common Interests- Every person in C-Mac, from cleaners to managers, have the sense of ownership and reliability in the company. Everyone has the same goals and values—we are always eager to satisfy our customers.

Versatility- We offer a wide range of services to fulfil the needs and demands of every buyer.

Excellence- C-Mac never fails to provide excellent services to customers. As a leader in the industry, excellence is an established trait.

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