C-Mac's Employment Opportunities

Fitter and Machinist

C-Mac Engineering & Gear Cutting is a well established jobbing workshop with a wide range of modern machinery located at Girraween, in Western Sydney.

A versatile and experienced tradesman is required.

Ideal applicant should be a qualified Fitter & Machinist trades person and able to...

  • Read and understand technical drawings,
  • Experienced with ISO programming.
  • Jobbing shop experience on 1 off and low volume work.
  • Able to setup, run and maintain machinery
  • Flexible and able to use any machinery as required
  • Work with and train apprentices,
  • Work with minimal supervision.

Desired attributes:

  • Machining trade qualification with at least 4 years post trade experience
  • Must have strong experience in CNC turning
  • Must have programming, setup and operating experience
  • Okuma programming and or Live tooling is advantageous
  • Must have Australian residency

Other Information:

  1. Responsible to Engineering Manager
  2. Wide variety of work and responsibilities
  3. Immediate start
  4. Permanent position
  5. Wages paid weekly and to ability
  6. Be part of a workers co-operative that has a participative management style. Have a say in the companies direction
  7. Annual dividends upon joining co-operative

C-Mac has a strong culture of encouraging and training staff in their personnal development and career

For examples of work done by C-Mac, visit our website www.cmac.com.au

Also visit C-Mac Industries Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cmacindustries/

To apply the position, please send your resume to Luke Rigg (lucasr@cmac.com.au) and you will be contacted for an interview if you are selected.

Workshop Manager

About the business and the role

We are currently recruiting a person to commence as Workshop Manager with a leading manufacturing company in the Western Suburbs of Sydney (Girraween).

This is an exceptional opportunity to be part of a new progressive and innovative metal manufacturing co-operative as it evolves and grows. All 35 staff intend to be members of the co-operative.

Be part of this transition as a 50 year old family owned engineering and fabrication company converts to a new co-operative structure that formerly takes place in June this year.

The successful person to undertake this full time job needs to be a motivated person with a genuine interest in the well-being of employees and have a participative management style.

Be part of the management team with potential to be a Board Member (if elected) and determine yours and the co-ops future direction and strategies.

About this job role:

Oversea manufacture of special niche products in our workshop:

See website: www.cmac.com.au for background information on the business.

Job tasks and responsibilities

Staffing, scheduling, prioritizing, estimating, sales, costing, meeting budgets and targets. Development of self managed teams. Customer liaison and installations. Maintenance of plant and equipment. Maintain and improve quality to ISO 9001certification. Grow customer relationships.

Be available and flexible in job role.

Skills and experience

  • Sheetmetal/Fabrication trades background (minimum 10 years trade experience preferred)
  • Degree Qualification is advantageous
  • Proven participative management skills
  • Strong Human Relations skills
  • Sales focused
  • Supportive of the seven (7) Co-operative Principles (http://www.cmac.com.au/employment)
  • Project Management experience
  • Customer focused

Job benefits and perks

Being part of a co-operative you can participate in the direction, strategies and benefits of the company.

1 x person = 1 x vote  at the General Assembly of all co-op staff members.

Potential to be on the Advisory Board if elected by staff.

Dividend distribution to staff.

Any applicants should submit their resume by email to "steveg@cmac.com.au" for selection to be interviewed.

Is there a career path in manufacturing at C-Mac? See "Matt's story" here.

C-Mac offers career opportunities and a chance to participate in a innovative business that is being setup as a co-operative where staff can participate in the direction and stragies of their employment.

C-Mac adheres to the seven (7) principle of co-operatives

  1. Voluntary and open membership - C-Mac Co-operative is a organisation, open to all who are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without discrimination. 

  2.  Democratic member control -  C-Mac Co-operative is a democratic organisation controlled by our members, who actively participate in the setting of C-Mac policies and decision-making. C-Mac members have equal voting rights (one member, one vote).

  3. Member economic participation - C-Mac members contribute equally to the funds of the co-operative and control the allocation of surplus C-Mac funds.
  4. Autonomy and independence - C-Mac Co-operative is a independent organisation controlled by  members. Any agreements entered into with other organisations must ensure democratic control by members and C-Mac's co-operative independence.
  5. Education, training and information - C-Mac Co-operative provides education and training for  members, elected representatives, managers, and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of the C-Mac Co-operative. C-Mac informs the public about the nature and benefits of co-operation.
  6. Co-operation among co-operatives - Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the co-operative movement by working together.
  7. Concern for community - C-Mac Co-operative works for the sustainable development of our community through policies approved by C-Mac members.

1. Sheetmetal Tradesman

A dynamic role is on offer that will see the chosen candidate work on a variety of steel types, welding & fabrication processes. The ideal candidate will offer the following characteristics:

  • All round general fabricator
  • Mig/Tig/Stick welding experience
  • SS/MS/Alum experience
  • Pipe/sheet/plate fabrication experience
  • Ability to read technical drawings
  • Can work unsupervised
  • Flexibility to do overtime when required
  • Operate brake press
  • Willing to do site work
  • Will be a good example and leader for the younger apprentice staff (help drive the work standard up)
  • Can plan a job around the most efficient methods (time conscious)
  • Can work with management and job planners to deliver value to the customer
  • Punctuality
  • Neat personal presentation and work habits
  • Drivers license

It would be advantageous to have:

  • Forklift license
  • Welding tickets
  • Scissor lift/working at heights
  • Live local (Western Sydney)

2. Metal Fabrication Apprentice

  • Apprentice opportunity with C-Mac Sheetmetal
  • Great career opportunity in Sheetmetal and Engineering
  • Earn while you learn

Apprentice Light Fabrication (Sheetmetal Worker) - 1st Year
We are currently recruiting a  young person to commence as a 1st year apprentice Sheetmetal Worker with a leading manufacturing company in the Western Suburbs of Sydney (Girraween).

This is an exceptional opportunity to start on a career path that will lead you to obtaining a nationally recognised qualification in Certificate III in Light Fabrication.

The successful person to undertake this full time job needs to be a motivated young person with a genuine interest in a long term career.

About this job role:

In this role you will be taught to read drawings and specifications to determine materials and tools needed to fabricate various products.

You will work with a range of metals such as Mild or Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Galvabond, Copper & Brass. Sheet Metal is considered to be between 0.45mm to 3.0mm in thickness. This job roll will allow you the opportunity to work with heavier steels as well.

You will use a variety of hand and power tools to cut, shape, bend and join the sheet metal to create the final product.

Increasingly as you learn you will be involved in the setting up and the use of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines.  

You will report to tradesmen, the workshop foreman and the section manager.

You will be responsible for:

  • Reading and interpreting workshop drawings and fabricating as per the instructions
  • Working in varying size teams to produce quality items for customers
  • Adding to the positive work culture
  • Assisting colleagues as required
  • Utilize various metal working machinery and hand tools
  •  Maintaining a clean work area
Selection Criteria:

  • Work experience or hobbies around mechanical applications
  • Written and spoken English
  • A motivated individual with a desire to commit to a 4 year apprenticeship
  • The ability to commit to study requirements while attending TAFE
  • Possibly completed pre-apprenticeship training or similar training
  • Lives locally
  • A genuine interest in metal fabrication, a hands-on person
  • Mechanically minded & a self- thinker
  • Willing to work in a team environment
  • A person who takes pride in their work achievements & is quality oriented
  • Reliable, punctual & willing to learn
  • Able to follow instructions thoroughly

A long term career opportunity with the possibility to continue study after completion of apprenticeship by doing a diploma, degree and even a post graduate degree.

Interviews and selection are underway with a view to an immediate start.

See website: www.cmac.com.au for background information on the business.

How to Apply:

Any applicants should submit their resume by email to Steveg@cmac.com.au asap for selection to be interviewed.

Ensure all your contact details are supplied.

Is there a career path in manufacturing at C-Mac? See "Matt's story" here.

Old Employment Opportunity (No longer open)

Apprentice Fitter & Machinist

Posted: 9th March 2016

Our engineering and gearcutting workshop is currently looking for a young man to be indentured as a 1st year Fitter & Machinist.

Having completed a pre-apprenticeship course would be good, but must have a mechanical background or previous work experience in a metal trade area.

School teacher reports and work experience documents a must at the interview.

Ring: 02 9631 6000 and ask for our Engineering Manager to make an appointment.


Spring Benching & Shade house regional resellers wanted

C-Mac Nursery Equipment is expanding quickly and we are looking for some regional resellers for our Spring Benching & Shade House products.

Click here to look at our reseller proposal.

Click here and to see the qualification requirements for becoming a reseller and leave your contact details (we will be in touch).

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