Bulk Bag Filling Lines

1 Tonne Bulk Bag Radial Stacker Filling Line

Bulk Bag Radial Stacker Filling Line1 tonne Bulk bags are filled alternatively using a radial stacker conveyor fed from a 7m3 storage bin.

PLC controlled

Single operator filling line.

Bulk bag filling operation

  • Bulk bag filling operation Operator places a bag under filling hopper by hooking loops on pins
  • Places a pallet under bag (for bag removal)
  • Press start button, storage hopper and conveyor starts filling
  • While bag is being filled, another bulk bag and pallet placed under second filling hopper
  • When first bulk bag is filled to specified weight, conveyor stops and indexes across to second filling hopper
  • Operator presses start button and second bulk bag starts filling
  • Using a forklift take the weight of a filled bag
  • Remove bag loops from pins
  • Remove filled bag
  • Replace with a new empty bag and pallet.
  • Press start button
  • Repeat > Repeat

Fills a 1000kg bulk bag every 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Bulk Bags 1T being filled using Radial Stacker:

  • 415 volt operation
  • Load cells ensures bags are filled exactly to a predetermined weight.
  • PLCControl
    • Settings from 1kg to 2,000kg
    • Free fall allowance
  • Emergency stop buttons in handy locations
  • Extensive safety guarding of moving parts
  • Guards are perforated to allow for visual inspection of moving parts

Optional extras

  • Safety fencing
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training for operators

2 Tonne Bulk Bag Filling Line

This particular 2 tonne bulk bag filling line was developed for outdoor use in the tropics, located in the Northern Territory.

Consists of a feeder bin, elevating conveyor, hopper with load cells, scissor lift, run-off conveyor and a simple control panel.

Machine Features:

  • Consealled load cells
  • Pneumatic retractable bag holding pins
  • Bag Hanging Pins adjustable for different width bags
  • Working platform for easy access to attach bulk bags
  • Complete machine can be disassembled for transport. Electical connectors for easy separation
  • Chevron continous Belt
  • Drag chain driven feeder bin for easy discharge of sticky, easy to bridge materials.

Machine Safety features include:

  • Emergency stop buttons and lines
  • Full guarding
  • Platform made to Australian Standards
  • Warning Siren  (20 seconds) on start-up
  • Flashing light when working
  • Hungry board on feeder bin



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