Our History


Cliff McMaster commenced work in his garage making S/S exhaust manifolds as a hobby.


  • Cliff & Margaret McMaster, at the age of 31, obtained a loan, purchased some machinery and formed a partnership – C & M McMaster.
  • Sardik Engineering & James Boyle plumbing being their first customers.
  • Moved to a dirt floored factory in Buffalo Rd, Gladesville.


  • Moved to a factory in Devlin St, Ryde.
  • Making S/S sinks, drainers, special electrical cabinets as well as doing general sheetmetal jobbing work.


  • 30th November – Registered C & M McMaster Pty Ltd.


  • Property at 72 Mandoon Rd, Girraween was purchased.
  • Aerolux Engineering became a major client in dust collector and rotary valve manufacture.


  • Registered C-Mac Sheetmetal.


  • Son Terry commenced work in office.


  • Westacot Engineering at Rydalmere was purchased to enable manufacture of rotary valves.
  • Son Robert commenced employment.
  • Registered C-Mac Engineering in April.
  • Parramatta Tank Works was purchased at St Marys and modern manufacturing techniques were introduced.


  • Registered C-Mac Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd.


  • Parramatta Tank Works was relocated to the rear of 72 Mandoon Rd, Girraween.
  • Money from sale of St Marys land was used to purchase a C.N.C. Plasma Cutter.
  • Son Graham commenced working in the Sheetmetal shop.


  • Obtained licence to manufacture T.S.A. Modular Liner Tanks – from Western Australia
  • Licence expired in 1993.
  • After several floods at Rydalmere, the property at 74 Mandoon Rd was purchased and Engineering was relocated next door to the Sheetmetal.
  • Son Kendall was engaged as accountant.


  • October – purchased Lynfast Engineering.


  • Lynfast Engineering was relocated to the rear of 74 Mandoon Rd.


  • August – Terry had a fatal motor vehicle accident.
  • September – Daughter-in-law joined the company.
  • November – Graham left the company.
  • December – Cliff retired (What an upheval) and son Robert became General Manager. (Robert swept the dirt floor for pocket money in 1964).


  • June – Margaret (Cliff's wife) retired.
  • September – consultants engaged for a company review and diagnostic.


  • Registered C-Mac Engineering and Gearcutting combining Lynfast Engineering and C-Mac Engineering.


  • Graham returned as P.T.W. Manager and the Company was restructured.
  • New computer system installed including bar-coded tracking of jobs.


  • Celebrated 30 yrs in business.



  • Website established.
  • Nursery Division set-up.
  • First salesman employed.
  • Rehabilitation procedures introduced.
  • Participated in the Western Sydney Metals Network.
  • Y2000, GST and the Olympics for a distraction.


  • Undergraduate Uni Student employed for Market and R&D work with Nursery Products.
  • 5year SES contract won for bagging machines.


  • Moved into upstairs office extensions (plans drawn in 1986).
  • Marketing consultant engaged.
  • Daughter-in-law Suzanne joined the business.
  • CAD introduced & decision to upgrade Arrow and SMP software made.


  • Focused on nursery equipment and Grants for R & D obtained.
  • Staff changes managers & bookeeper retiring.
  • OH & S cultural changes. Toolbox meetings & risk accessments.


  • Office in Northern NSW established.


  • Parramatta Tank Works sold to the Water Tank Team.


  • After running the Tankworks for ten years, Graham McMaster left the business and moved to Queensland.
  • New computer server and 3D software was installed and Qualified Engineer employed (first person to have a degree at C-Mac).


  • Senior staff reduced and management structure changed due to financial difficulties.
  • Extensive renovation to staff facilities with meal rooms, kitchens and change rooms updated.


  • New MRP software, M1 introduced.
  • Purchased business A.D. Spring and started manufacturing nursery benches.
  • 3rd August – Director and Founder of C-Mac Industries, Mr Cliff McMaster, passed away.


  • Maintenance Service Division setup specializing in IOT equipment.


  • Employee Share Buyout of family business commenced.
  • New website design and SEO implemented


  • Lean Manufacturing Training and implementation
  • First ever Marketing person employed
  • Advisory Board set-up


  • April - New Vision and Strategic Plan developed by staff
  • August - Staff Committee established
  • Inbound Marketing implemented with Hubspot software




  • November - 50 year celebrations - Family fun day at C-Mac


  • April - Formation Meeting for C-Mac Industries (Aust) Co-operative Ltd. Decision to proceed.
  • May - company becomes totally debt free
  • July - Succession Plan implemented and C-Mac Industries (Aust) Co-operative operational with new ABN and structure with new Directors on the Board. The first "workers co-op" in Australia for 2 years
  • General Assembly, Board with external directors (2), Management Team, Staff Council structure implemented.
  • July - Sale Contract to Co-op and lease signed. C-Mac now 100% owned by 30 employees
  • Steve Grlyak became the new General Manager (20 yrs prior foreman of engineering workshop)
  • Robert McMaster (former GM and only family member) - semi-retires remaining as 1 of 5 Directors and working 1 day a week as a member of the co-operative.

2020 May - See news announcement here

  • C-Mac Industries (Aust) Co-operative Ltd accquired by new owner Matt and Jake and turn into a family run business.
  • C-Mac Industries is no longer an employee cooperative, changed company name to C-Mac Industries Pty Ltd 
  • The new management plan is to expand while exceeding your previous customer service expectations
  • Our commitment to our new partnership with you through C-Mac Industries is to ensure you get what you ordered on time and fit-for-purpose. We are proudly Australian made, owned and look forward to developing new innovative solutions for your needs.
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