Materials Handling Equipment & Machinery Sydney

C-Mac manufactures high quality Material Handling Equipment for various industries such as civil construction, emergency services, nursery, landscaping and many more.

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience in Australia, C-Mac has developed a wide range of material handling equipment designed and manufactured in-house. Our experienced and dedicated staff can assist you with your project or visit your site for inspection if needed.

Having the backend support of sheetmetal fabrication, CNC machining and mechanical design, whether you need a standard machine or a custom-made piece of equipment, C-Mac has the capability and can design and manufacture according to your specific needs.

Advantages of Using C-Mac’s Material Handling Equipment

  1. Easy to use C-Mac’s Material Handling Products are very agricultural and easy to operate. Reducing labour cost and providing increases in work efficiency.
  2. Solve most of your material handling problems – Concerned about the inefficient and slow production within your business? C-Mac’s Material Handling Equipment will solve issues such as bagging challenges, loading and unloading problems, dust problems, conveyor spillage issues and many more.
  3. Provide better WH&S by minimising operators’ fatigue – Utilising Material Handling Equipment can reduce the risk of staff having injuries when undertaking manual repetitive tasks.

Material Handling Equipment - Photo Gallery

This gallery includes photos of our Bagging Equipment, Conveyors, Feeder Bins, Vibration Feeder and Automated Solutions. These are flexible and versatile pieces of equipment which can load a variety of materials such as potting mix, sand, gravel, and much more. You can click on each image below and discover more about our products.

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