Other Nursery Equipment

Pallet RackingPallet Racking

C-Mac Pallet Racking can be disassembled after use for clear walking access through truck,  also minimises storage space. Provision for fork-lift loading of truck from rear or side loading, our pallet racking can also be moved by 2 people easily if forklift not available. Other features include.......[Click here to see details

Barrow And TrolleysBarrow And Trolleys

C-Mac's barrows and trolleys are easy to use in the home, farm or nursery. Rail top barrows with Two (2) wheels or four (4) wheels and retail nursery trolley are all manufactured from heavy-duty steel and galvanized for all weather conditions and with pneumatic wheels........[Click here to see details]  

Rotating TableRotating Table

C-Mac's Rotating Table has adjustable height to suit your operator or equipment. It can be used as a potting table for potting up etc. Minimise reaching for plants and the likelyhodd of back injuries. Rust construction, it is simple and easy to use.......[Click here to see details]

Rolling BenchesRolling Benches

C-Mac's rolling benches greatly increase useful area in a greenhouse and eliminates the need for fixed paths. With an ergonomic work height, the rolling benching save your back and redue injury risk. Rolling benches can be customised to suit any length, width and height to suit your requirement. They are high quality as they are made from heavy duty galvanised steel. Kit form supplied to minimise transport cost.......[Click here to see details]

Trough BenchesTrough Benches

C-Mac's Trough Benches are a specail type of horticultural nursery bench and sub-irrigation system. Gutters in long continuous lengths are manufactured on top of "spring benches" to complete the whole product. The trough benching system is easy to install and can be custom made to suit a variety of crops and pot sizes. It not only increases greenhouse efficiency and causes plants to grow uniformly,but also reduces foliar disease, save your labour and resource. ......[Click here to see details]

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