Ezi Bagger Machine

Bagging Equipment

Filling bags or pots manually can be heavy and tedious work. Slow, inefficient, labor consuming and can cause injuries to backs and hands.

About 50 years ago, C-Mac started to manufacture bagging equipment to solve these problems!

Why fill bags by hand? Let the machine do the hard work.

Bagging by hand        Using a machine to fill sand bags

Standard Ezi-BaggerWhy use Bagging Machinery?  

  1. Saves you time, earns you more dollars per ton of material by bagging. Produce more bags per minute to increase your production.
  2. Increases your work efficiency and saves labor (cost) by filling bags quickly, accurately, and reliably. Personnel will spend considerably less time and won't mind filling bags. Staff can than be better utilised effectively elsewhere on site.
  3. Minimizes operator fatigue, reduce risk of getting injuries.
    • Workers risk injury when undertaking manual repetitive tasks such as back injuries and knuckle injuries.
    • Filling bags without utilizing bagging machines, back injuries might occur when someone is bending while holding the bag and Knuckles injuries might occur when one person is holding the bag while another one shovels the material in.

See documents "Worksafe Safety Issues in nurseries"

Users of C-Mac Ezi-Bagger Machine

  • Landscape Suppliers - bagging product for retail sale
  • Road Construction - sediment traps / retaining walls / barrier weights
  • Production Nurseries - bag & pot filling / potting up into larger containers
  • Emergency Services - sand bagging for floods and storms
  • Recycling - bagging product for retail sale
  • Plumbing - sediment traps / retaining walls

Why Choose a C-Mac Ezi-bagging Machine? Click here for more details


  • Caters for a variety of materials include potting mix, garden mix, grain, manure, sand, soil, gravel, stone, woodchip, scoria, stock feed, mulch, compost, stone, rock, pebble, sawdust, metal dust and many more
  • Fills a variety of pot sizes (from 75mm to 500mm) or bags (10kg to 60 litres)
  • Different sized chutes are supplied to suit a filling of varying size pots and bags.

Labor Saving

  1. High volume: Allow a large volume of various materials be bagged or potted at any time
  2. Efficient: Approx 500  25kg bags per hour (approx. 6-8 seconds per 25kg bag)
  3. Simple to operate and minimal training required: Can be operated by just one person
  4. Safe and Easy to maintain: Few moving parts to wear out
  5. Minimize back strain: Comfortable work height (eliminate bending over)

Flexible and Convenient

  1. Automatically or manual control using 240 volt current for operation
    • Preset timer
    • Actuated by operator foot pedal
    • Sets filling time for repeated bag capacity and consistent fill
    • Optional Automatic Scales (Cut off by weight)
    1. Manual: Filling time controlled by the operator foot pedal
    2. Automatic
  2. Forklift guides fitted for easy movement to storage when not in use
  3. Easy to feed with a standard skid steer loader
  4. Mounted on trailer for pickup truck to tow
  5. Quick sets up in just minutes

High Quality

  1. Australian made product in Sydney NSW.
  2. Made from galvanized steel.
  3. ISO 9001:2015 Quality certified ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved.
  4. Over 50 years manufacturing a reputable “Ezi Bagging Machine” supplied to landscape suppliers, Landscaping & Gardening Contractors and the Nursery & Garden Industries.

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For both Single and Dual Hopper Machines

  • Vibrator and chuteHopper – galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • Power supply – 240V, 10 amp
  • Manual control – filling time controlled by the operator foot pedal
  • Automatic control – set the electric timer, depress the foot pedal control and feeder will cut out at the selected time. It will not operate until the pedal is depressed again.
  • Galvanised hungry board included

Single Hopper MachineStandard Ezi-Bagger

  • Hopper capacity – 1.15 cubic metre
  • Overall Dimensions – 2.5m high x 1.8m wide x 1.2m deep




Dual Hopper Dual hopper Ezi-bagger with adjustable shelves

  • Hopper capacity – approx. 2.7 cubic metres
  • Dimensions – 2.7m high x 2.4m wide x 1.2m deep
  • Controls – Each side has individual controls which allow the two chutes to be used together or separately
  • 2 different types of materials can be bagged or potted at the same time if a dividing wall (optional) is fitted
  • Dividing wall can be removed to allow bagging of double volume of product. 6.5 tonne per  day is easily achieved with two operators
  • 2 Rotary ‘Bin Vibrators’ to each hopper; adjustable vibratory speed controlled by a Variable Speed Drive

 Optional Extras

Ezi-bagger with weihing scales, conveyor and heat sealer

  • Load cell (scales)
  • Manual roller conveyor with height adjustment
  • Foot pedal heat sealer
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Shelf with weight for storing bags
  • Rotary Table
  • Fertiliser dibbing unit (see pictures on the right)



Fertiliser Dibbling unit for Ezibagger


Nurseries and landscape suppliers usually have to add fertiliser with potting media, C-Mac has now developed a bolt on dibbling unit for our Ezi Bagger to meet customers’ requestes.

Past practice has been to toss a handfill or scoup of feriliser on top of the mix after the pot has been filled. When filling buckets or doing any bagging, the manual process of adding fertiliser can now be replaced by the ezibagger filling machine.

The Ezibagger dibbling accessory allows nurseries to mix an accurate measure of fertiliser into media as it is being deposited into a bucket, pot or bag, giving it a even spread throughout the mix.

How it works (see video below):

This accessory must be purchased with your machine to have a interface with the electronic control box. Amount of fertisler dispensed is set by timer and speed on the control box

  1. Fill the big hopper with potting media
  2. Fill the small hopper (dibbling unit) with fertiliser
  3. Place the bucket or bag underneath the tube
  4. Press the footer pedal
  5. The small auger feeder(motor) under the small hopper then feeds the fertiliser down the tube to mix with the potting media as it drops into the container
  6. Pot, bucket or bag is filled
  7. Use conveyor to deliver the filled container to one side
  8. Restart the process (4) every 6 12 seconds depending on container size.


  • Dibbling unit capacity: 30 – 40 litters
  • Other specification: Same with Ezi bagger

Auger Feeder Unit  for Ezibagger

When you have a powdery product and vibration isn’t the ideal solution, C-Mac can now provide a screw conveyor that simply bolts on under the large receiving hopper.

The screw feeder is integrated with the PLC control box and can be set to run manually or on a set time or weight of product in container.


  • Stainless steel body and screw
  • Screw diameter 104mm
  • Supported by auger unit attached to Ezi bagger hopper( be held to the hopper bottom via flange)
  • Safe from hands due to filling nozzle tee piece
  • Lid can be made for hopper
  • Various filling nozzles can be provided


Ezi Bagger for Hire 

  • Ezi Bagger for Hire

    Power requirements:
    240 volts, single phase, 10 amp rating.
  • Trailer Rating:
    The dual axle trailer is rated for moving with full load. It is however recommended the unit to be emptied before relocation.
    Tare weight: approx. 1 tonne. Aggregate weight: 2 tonne. Can be towed behind most utes and four wheel drive vehicles.
  • Trailer size:
    Length – 4.0 m
    Width – 2.1 m
  • Hire Rates
    • $200 plus GST per day
    • $1,000 plus GST per 7 day week
    • $3,000 plus GST per month
    • Longer periods TBA

Video Part 1 (transcript)


Video Part 2 (transcript)


Demonstration on how a cold mix tar product flows in the Ezi-Bagger



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