Soil Mixers

C-Mac Soil Mixers

Soil Mixers

Mixing capacity 1 Cubic Metre

  • Mix any combination of potting material such as sand, soil, wood shavings, peat moss, sawdust, chemicals, fertilizer, etc.
  • Features ´ribbon flights´ for mixing batches in less than 3 minutes.


  • 1 cubic metre capacity – 5.5 kw, 3 phase motor – dimensions: 1.3m wide x 1.3m long x 1.85m high
  • Polymer wear liner
  • Motor can be set Right Hand or Left Hand to suit the customer
  • Body manufactured from painted 3mm steel
  • Easy opening adjustable slide gate
  • Safety mesh over main opening with auto cut off when pivoted open
  • Tie down lugs for safe transport
  • Spindle easily removed if required
  • Water drainage holes on both sides for washing out unit
  • Slippers for forklift tynes can be fitted


  • Hungry board (350mm) is 2mm galvanised steel adjustable 90 degrees to Soil Mixerssuit fill position.
  • Mesh exit grate
  • Pasteurisation mixer - inject steam into media while mixing
  • Liner replacements available

C-Mac Soil Mixers C-Mac Soil Mixers C-Mac Soil Mixers

C-Mac Soil Mixers C-Mac Soil Mixers C-Mac Soil Mixers

See soil mixer ribbon action:


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