Gravity Bagger

Why use a bagging hopper?

Filling bags manually can be heavy and tedious work. Slow, inefficient, labor consuming, and can cause injuries to backs and hands.

About 50 years ago, C-Mac started to manufacture bagging equipment to solve these problems!

Why fill bags by hand? Let the machine do the hard work.

  1. Reduced injuries risk
  2. Save labor costs
  3. No power required
  4. Increase work efficiency
  5. Earn more dollars by bagging

Dual Gravity Bagging MachineUsers of a Gravity Bagging Hopper

  • Landscape contractors
  • Civil work contractors
  • Builders
  • Councils
  • Plumbers

Why Choose C-Mac Gravity Bagging Machines?


  1. Cater for a variety of free flowing substances such as sand, pebbles, stones, gravel etc
  2. Standard sizes (See specification below) with many features.

Labor Saving

  1. High volume: Allow a large volume of materials to be bagged at one time
  2. Efficient: Approx 500 20kg sand bags per hour (6-8 seconds for a 20kg sand bag)
  3. Low maintenance: No motors or drive mechanisms (No electrical power required)
  4. Simple to operate and no training required: Can be operated by just one person
  5. Minimize back strain: Comfortable work height (Eliminate bending over to fill bags)

Flexible and Convenient

  1. Can be easily moved around with different plant equipment
  2. Special steel angle hook feature (Easy for front-end loader bucket to pick up)
  3. Use forklift tynes (Easy for load and unload off trucks)
  4. Lifting eyes
  5. Easy to fill with a skid steer loader
  6. Quick set up in just minutes
  7. Manual foot pedal control to fill bags when need.

High Quality

  1. AUSTRALIAN MADE product in Sydney NSW
  2. Strong: Made from heavy section BHP steel
  3. Quality certified company ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved.
  4. Over 30 YEARS reputable “Gravity Bagger Machine” supplied to Civil Construction Contractors, landscaping Contractors and Builders.

Gravity Bagger     Sigle Hopper Gravity Bagger

  Nominal Capacity Height Length Width Weight
Single Hopper 0.5 m3 2060 mm 1400 mm 1245 mm 320 kg
Twin Hopper 1.02 m3 2060 mm 2400 mm 1245 mm 513 kg

Enamel painted green or blue



LH or RH access platforms complying to Australian Standards – bolt on

Method of Operation

  1. Fill the hopper with material
  2. Hook one side of the bag onto pins under the door-discharge
  3. Hold onto the other side with your hands
  4. Depress the foot pedal to open the door and to adjust the flow of the material
  5. When the bag is full or you want to stop filling it just release the pedal and the door will close by itself
  6. Unhook the bag off pins


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