Form Fill & Seal Machine

Form Fill & Seal MachineWhat is a Form Fill and Seal Machine?

A "Form Fill and Seal Machine" is a machine being used to fold and seal a bag, then fill and seal the bag. It is a systematic and advanced bagging machinery that is used in high volume packaging in a wide range of bag sizes up to 20kg in capacity.

Commonly utilised for food and other products packaging and can be made to be used for horticultural products such as soil media.

What are the uses of Form Fill and Seal Machine?

With the Form Fill and Seal Machine, it is faster and easier to bag product using a single machine without any operator. Instead of manually holding and filling bags then sealing the bag, operators can use the form fill and seal machine to speed up the process and have consistent bagging rates.

It saves labour cost, reduces the risk of injury for workers and increases production rates.

These machines are generally only one machine of many in the production line. Partners with filling hoppers, weighers, take off conveyors, bag flattening, robot packing, palletising and shrink wrapping equipment.

Why choose C-Mac’s Form Fill and Seal Machine?

C-Mac partners with a local manufacturer in providing this piece of Australian made equipment to high standard. We aim to give you effective solutions to your bagging problems.

C-Mac is providing a customisable "Form Fill and Seal Machine" for your packaging. It is a heavy-duty machine for long term usage. The machinery can pack up to 50 bags a minute so you can ensure a big increase on your production rate.

 C-Mac’s Form Fill and Seal Machine Features:

  • Australian made
  • Suitable for: various sands, barks, potting mixes, manures, pebbles etc.
  • To produce all bag styles including Reclosable Zipper.
  • Stainless steel construction as standard.
  • Colour Touch screen with context sensitive help screens.
  • 50 Presets product setups.
  • Highly flexible with double length film draw function as standard.
  • Servo driven End Seal Assembly with operator programmable sealing
  • All optional accessories available in this series.
  • Printer option and software
  • Volumetric fill and/or fill by weight
  • Bag Width: 180 to 600mm
  • Bag length: 850mm (1400mm Double Draw)
  • Maximum Speed: 50 bags per minute
  • Pneumatic film carrier
  • Heavy bag support shelf and tipper
  • Bag agitator
  • Can handle stones up to 80mm in diameter.
  • Locally available and internationally recognised components used e.g. Festo, SMC, Baldor, Omron, etc.

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