Spring Benching

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Spring Benching

Quality Benches made by A D Spring for over 50 years are now produced by C-Mac Industries. A D Spring was closed and C-Mac Industries purchased all the stock, machinery, drawings and the rights to manufacture benches under the name of “Spring Benches”.


Standard Sizes

Prise-winning-Orchids-on-Benching-in-a-Shade-HouseLENGTHS – 1180mm or 1780mm or 2350mm
WIDTHS – 300mm or 525mm or 775mm or 1150mm or 1225mm.
HEIGHTS – 150mm or 750mm or 1350mm (from ground level).

  • Heavy duty galvanised steel tube 25.4 dia x 1.6mm thick.
  • Tubes are galvanised on inside and outside surfaces
  • Galvanised MESH TOPS – 75mm x 25mm x 4mm diameter mesh

Spring Benching Standard Sizes Details.pdf

Special Benches made to order

  • Propagation Benches or Single/Multi-layer/Multi-tier Benches – available as standard or custom built sizes.
  • Continuous length and special bench kits made to order.

Spring Benching Spring Benching

Spring Benching  Spring Benching

Spring Benching Spring Benching - 3


Users of C-Mac Spring Benching

  • Government department and businesses
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Councils
  • TAFE/Universities
  • Wholesale nurseries
  • Production nurseries
  • Plant clubs and societies
  • Specialist nursery and vegetable growers
  • General Public
  • Plant Hobbyists - Cut flowers, bromeliads, orchids and vegetable hobbyists (Certain vegetables best sown in seed trays on nursery benches then planted out at 4-6 weeks)

What is the activity and risks?

The Activity

Placing and retrieving potted plants on the ground or on benches for order picking, plant maintenance or moving.

Spring Benching       Spring Benching

The Risk?

“Each year incidents in Australian workplaces result in:

  • A total of 133,188 employment injuries were reported in 2008/09  
  • 49% of all injuries in the Nursery & Garden Industry are caused by manual handling tasks.
  • Enormous pain and suffering for employees and their families. Therefore, these figures alone demand better workplace safety”

-- by Ron Widman, the WHS Co-ordinator of NGINA.

See full report written by Workplace Health & Safety Officer with Nursery and Garden Industry NSW & ACT – Nursery Papers

See full report from NGIV – Accessing Pots of Plants on the Ground or on Benches.pdf

See full report from WA Government Document-- Nursery and Garden Centres (information and check list).pdf

Can your nursery afford crippling penalties due to non-compliance with WH&S  Regulations?  "Click here & download a Whitepaper to improve your Nursery Safety!"

Why use Nursery Benches to grow & display your plants? (The solution)

Spring_Benching_-_10  Spring_Benching_-_11 Shade-house-with-shelve

Using a proper nursery benching system to grow and display plants provides a series of benefits:-

Reduces Injuries

  • Ergonomic working height to minimize the risk of getting injuries though reducing the amount of sustained bending and reaching when accessing plants on the ground.
  • Minimises exertion when working in extreme temperatures in hot house.

Receive up to $500 from WorkCover NSW after purchasing C-Mac Spring Benching? Click here    

Greenhouse-BenchIncrease work efficiency

  • Job rotation can be used to reduce repetative tasks amongst a number of workers
  • Better air circulation that makes plants grow faster (at higher propagation rates).
  • Plants don’t grow into gravel and look better.

Make full use of resources


Why choose C-Mac’s “Spring” Nursery Benches?

High Quality

  • Specially made galvanized steel mesh and heavy duty galvanized steel tube
      1. Heavy duty galvanised steel tube 25.4 dia x 1.6mm thick.
      2. Tubes are galvanised on inside and outside surfaces.
      3. Galvanised MESH TOPS – 75mm x 25mm x 4mm diameter mesh
  • Extremely strong and light weight
  • Australian-Made-(for-web)AUSTRALIAN MADE product in Sydney NSW
  • C-Mac Industries is ISO 9001:2015 Quality certified ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved.
  • OVER 60 YEARS “Spring Benching” supplied to the horticultural industry.


  • SPECIAL MADE TO ORDER because C-Mac invests heavily on modular system which allows for flexibility in design.
  • Standard product range developed in conjunction with growers and specialist hobbyists.
  • Any special orders are at a minimum cost, because the advanced technology of manufacturing the product requires NO ADDITIONAL SETUP OR EXTRA LABOR COSTS.


  • Spring Benching can easily be disassembled and relocated
  • Stocks of parts available for instant dispatch.
  • Supplied in kit form (minimize transport costs)
  • Easy to assemble (See the Video below)

How easy is it to assemble C-Mac's Spring Benches?   

Why should you choose C-Mac’s Nursery "Spring Benching"

  • C-Mac provides its “Spring Benching” product with better quality, good ergonomic working height and greater width of benching so more plants can be placed on benches.
  • Many existing customers kept coming back to C-Mac to purchase additional benches due to the benefit, features, quality, longivity and service that C-Mac provides.

More details about the products, Download:

Spring Benches Brochure.pdf

Spring Benches Features.pdf

Spring Benching & Shade House Maintenance.pdf

Documents that prove the "quality" of C-Mac's benching:

Quality System Certificate of Registration.pdf

Galvanizing of pipe specifications & material certification.pdf 

Test on Spring Benching's structural quality - Structural Analysis Report


BIg CTA For Shade House - Sizes and Prices Request

"Wow! Spring benches are all in place and we are very pleased and happy.
Matthew and Sunil did a great job and were very kind and helpful. Cheers!" ---- Anne

Spring Benching "Size & Price" List: Click here for Spring Benches "SIZES & PRICES" List

Click here for "Plant & Equipment Finance"


*Please note: C-Mac's Spring benching is made to order (Lead time applies due to locally Made in Australia)

“Lead Time to Manufacture”

  • Benches 3-4 Weeks
  • Shade Houses 8-10 Weeks

Contact us on 02 9631 6000 or  Click here for discussion & FREE Quotation

Other nursery equipment such as potting bench, Shade house, Trailer, Pot lifter/handler which also reduce risk of getting injury and increase work efficiency are also available.

C-Mac's Spring Benches are extremely popular Australian wide so we are looking for some regional Spring Benching resellers to partner up. Click here to see the contact details

from WorkCover NSW

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