Nursery Trailers

Potting TrailerPotting Trailer

One of the most popular items of nursery equipment, potting trailers are not only used for moving potting media but also for use as a potting bench. C-Mac have been manufacturing potting trailers for over 50 years and these have evolved into a quality and practical potting trailer, helping improve nurseries efficiency and potting process......[Click here to see details]

Plant Transport TrailerPlant Transport Trailer

Plant transport trailers are standard box trailers modified to carry a large quantity of pots and trays for delivery to landscapers or retail outlets. Heavy duty steel reinforced frame is fitted with galvanised sheet shelves to help carry the weight of wet plants in trays or pots. Over many years of trial and error, C-Mac's quality plant trailers have been developed to keep your plants healthy and safe during transportation.....[Click here to see details]

Economy_Flat-Pack_Self_Tracking_TrailerSelf Tracking Trailers

Self Tracking Trailers are used generally in farms, gardens or nurseries. In some instances sporting fields, accomodation retreats and schools. Self tracking trailers follow the path of the prime mover without cutting corners. Manoeuvre a train of several trailers down narrow paths, around corners and through entrances of potting sheds & dispatch areas.This quality nursery tracking trailer can be supplied in a “flat pack” to minimize transport cost.......[Click here to see details]

Garbage Bin TrailerGarbage Bin Trailer

Garbage Bin Trailers are used to move garbage bins out to the rubbish truck pickup area. Garbage bins can be easily rolled on and off trailers. C-Mac's unique garbage bin trailer saves your time and effort when moving garbage bins......[Click here to see details]

Potting Trailer
ATV Tipping Nursery & Garden Trailer

C-Mac’s ATV Tipping Trailer  can be use for easy lifting and tipping by Gardener Handyman, Retreats, Councils, Schools, Lawnmowing contractors, Hobby Farmers, Landscapers. Its innovated flatpack design saves transport cost.....[Click here to see details]

Trailer Options and Spare PartsTrailer Options

All C-Mac trailers can be customised to meet your specific requirement. Nursery trailer  options include: Double & triple decks, Drop Sides, Brake on front wheels, Wide tyres, Non self tracker – Fixed rear axle trailer, Side rails, Raised deck heights and Ball couplings for draw bars. Trailer spare parts are readily available.......[Click here to see details]

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