Rolling Benches

What are Rolling Benches?

Benches or greenhouse benches are level surfaces or platforms that are used to support plants above the ground. Rolling benches are moveable greenhouse benches that increase igloo and greenhouse space.

Rolling benches have a simple and economical design. When needed, you can move it by simply rolling it side to side.

Utilise more space and workers can be productive and less likely to obtain back injuries from repetative bending and stretching.

Why use rolling benches?

According to the book “So you want to start a nursery”, when rolling benches are properly used, usable bench space can be increased to 80%. For example, if you increase the usable production space in a 186 square meters greenhouse from 60% to 80%, you gain 37 extra square metres. If your greenhouse generates an averages of $60 per square metre, the rolling benches can generate an extra $24,000 of income per greenhouse.

By comparing increased production figures to the cost of the benching, you can determine the economics (ROI) of switching to rolling benches.

By using rolling benches in your greenhouse, up to 30 percent more growing space can be gained when isles are utilised. This is known as “Floating Isle Bench System”.

Rolling benches are also ideally suitabled for labour-intensive crops which require a lot of work undertaken in the green house.

In short, the benefits of using rolling benching are:

  • Improve production: Increase the useful area in a greenhouse by about 20-30%
  • Labour saving: The movement of benches and access to plants is improved with reduce excessive walking
  • Increasing profits: More production output with the same greenhouse space 
  • WH&S benefit: Reduce the risk of getting back injury due to less bending and stretching

DPI Queensland has identified that “Inefficiencies manifest themselves through, excessive plant handling, and excessive walking and tractor travel

Why choose C-mac’s Rolling Benches?

C-Mac’ rolling benches provide the necessary quality and durability to resist the potentially harsh greenhouse environment. Rolling benches create wider pathways and make it easy for staff to gain access to the right plants.

Here is how it works:

  1. Galvanised steel post frames are concreted into the ground or bolted onto existing concrete. Adjustable legs 50mm can be provided to allow for uneven or sloping concrete floors.
  2. Pipes sit on top of the dura galvanised square hollow sections, galvanised steel
  3. Benches then sit on these rolling pipes.
  4. Retaining brackets or anti tip brackets under the moving mesh bench limits the distance that the tables can travel and prevents benches overbalancing when loading or unloading
  5. Moving the benches sideways is surprisingly smooth and easy, creating a pathway wherever needed. Providing easy access to the plants you need to maintain. 

C-Mac’s Rolling Benches Features


  • Rolling benches stops so benches don't roll overRolling benches made to any length, to suit your igloos or shade areas
  • Can be custom built to any height you require (750-850mm ergonomic working height)
  • Tops of benches standard with galvanised mesh and made to a width to suit your requirements.
  • Strong construction using rectangular hollow section, galvanised steel
  • Supplied in kit form for quick and easy assembly onsite
  • Instruction manual provided if you decide to install by yourself
  • Saves on transport and can be set-up to suit the varying sites
  • Legs for concreting into the ground or with adjustment in height for bolting to floors
  • Steel galvanised stops 
  • Easily moved by hand
  • Frame only or supplied with covered mesh, galvanised steel
  • Bench legs of galvanized rectangular hollow section
  • This durable construction resists moisture and chemicals

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Below is a cropped video about nursery biosecurity procedures relating to potting benching: