3D Design and Drafting

Mechanical Design and Drafting ServicesIn brief, our design and drafting services consist of:

  • Producing detailed manufacturing drawings as pdf files or printed on A4 and A3 paper
  • Providing mechanical design calculations for your parts or assemblies
  • Providing solutions regarding the shape and materials that should be used for creating a part to achieve a particular function within an assembly
  • Analyse the interactions between parts within assemblies before they are built, thus saving time and money on prototypes
  • Provide complete sets of accurate and easy to maintain manufacturing drawings that comply with Australian standards
  • 3D photorealistic presentations that can be inserted in your catalogues or brochures
  • Convert your existing drawings to CAD drawings linked to a 3D model that you can see in detail on the screen of your computer. The advantage of having CAD drawings consists in a very low cost maintenance of the manufacturing drawings. Every time a dimension is changed in the 3D model, all the drawings linked to that model are updated automatically by the software.

Mechanical Design and DraftingMechanical Design and Drafting

Mechanical Design and DraftingMechanical Design and Drafting



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