Bagging Equipment

For over 50 years, C-Mac Industries has designed and manufactured high quality bagging machinery for various industries e.g. Landscape, emergency services, road construction, nursery, recycling, plumbing, building, civil construction, quarries and many more.

The development of C-Mac’s bagging system has been a milestone for bagging and potting operations. Fill the bags and pots with material effectively and efficiently. Reduces injury risk but also minimise time wasted during each bag filling operation while maximising  production quantity.

Materials that can be bagged by C-Mac’s equipment: Mulch, compost, stone, potting mix, garden mix, grain, manure, sand, soil, gravel, stone, woodchip, scoria, stock feed, rock, pebble, sawdust, metal dust, hot or cold asphalt, salt, stock feed, dirt, barks and many more.


Silt & Sand Bagging Frames

Bagging Frames

C-Mac’s bagging frames are suitable for plastic, woven plastic and hessian bags with only one person needed to fill bags. Silt and Sand Bag Filling Frames increase work efficiency by reducing labour required for bagging and most importantly minimising knuckle and back injuries. Easy to set up in just seconds, C-Mac’s bagging frames have a robust hinged hopper, removable legs for compact storage and transport...... [Click to see details]

Gravity Bagger

Gravity Bagger

C-Mac’s Gravity Bagger improves manual bagging efficiency by filling approx 500 20kg bags per hour with no power required. Reduces manual bag filling labour costs and minimises fatigue and back injury risk for landscape contractors, civil construction contractors, builders and plumbers. Gravity Baggers allows free flowing substances such as coarse sand, soil, pebbles, stones, gravel, road base and brick chips to be bagged. Easy and simple one person operation with no training required. Maximise labour reduction while increasing bagging productivity...... [Click to see details]

Ezi Bagger

EZI_BAG_-_Scale_unit-0005C-Mac’s Ezi Bagger is a semi automatic bagging machine. Improves bagging or potting productivity by filling approx. 500  25kg bags per hour minimising operator fatigue and back injury risk. Bagging and potting a variety of materials into different sized bags and pots for numerous industries, the equipment has proven to be maintenance free, simple and easy to operate with minimal training required. One person operation. The machine is used for bagging mulch, compost, stone, potting mix, garden mix, grain, manure, sand, soil, gravel, stone, woodchip, scoria, stock feed, rock, pebble, sawdust, metal dust and many more. 240v power required. Static and Mobile Bagging Machines are available for hire or purchase...... [Click to see details]

Emergency Sand Bagger

Emergency_Sand_Bagger_2_(Resized)C-Mac’s Emergency Sand Bagger is specially designed and manufactured for the State Emergency Service (SES) in Australia. Mounted on a heavy duty galvanised trailer that is easy to move around and transport to various locations. The Ezibagger helps SES volunteers fill approx. 500 15 kg bags per hour, greatly improving bagging productivity under emergency inclement weather situations providing sand bags for storm damaged roofs and flooding. C-Mac’s Emergency Sand Bagger can be operated by one person and reduces fatigue, back strain and other injuries to SES volunteers which might be caused by bagging manually...... [Click to see details]

Bulk Bag Filling Frames

Bulk Bag Radial Stacker Filling Line C-Mac’s bulk bag filling frame (Bulk Bagger) is designed for quick and easy bulk bag filling. With no power required, C-Mac’s bulk bagger is an easy way to fill 10- 12 bulk bags (1-2 tons) per hour. Bulk bagging of sand, soil, pebbles, stones, gravel, mulches, potting mix and mined minerals can be bagged instantly with a single tip of the loader bucket. Open top and spout top bulk bag filling chutes are available either supplied in fully welded or kit form (flat pack). C-Mac’s “bulk bag filling frame” has been regarded as an excellent investment by Landscape & Building Suppliers, Production Nurseries, Emergency Service and Quarries...... [Click to see details]

Bulk Bag Filling Lines

Bulk Bag Filling Line

C-Mac’s bulk bag 1,000kg filling line (1 Tonne) fills a bulk bag every 1.5 to 2 minutes. Bulk bag 2,000kg filling line (2 Tonne) fills a bulk bag every 2.5 minutes. Bulk bag filling lines consist of a storage/feeder bin, radial stacker/elevating conveyor, hopper with load cells/hungry board, scissor lift, run-off conveyor and a simple control panel etc. Bulk Bag size is adjustable from 1000kg – 2000kg using a PLC control.  C-Mac bulk bag filling lines fill bulker bags in a safe and easy way......[Click to see details]

Bag Sealers

Bag Sealers C-Mac’s supplies a foot activated heat sealer, semi-automatic bag sealer and automatic band sealer. Bag sealers are an added option for C-Mac Ezi Bagging Machines.....[Click to see details]

Bag Flattener

Bag Flattener

C-Mac’s bag flattener is designed and manufactured to remove excess air from bagged product and give uniformity in bag shaping so the number of bags on a loaded pallet can be maximised. Ensures less product spillage and product damage in transportation. C-Mac’s design is heavy duty and allows for quick & easy adjustment for various bag thicknesses...... [Click to see details]

Valve Bagging/Filling Machine

Valve Bagging/Filling MachineC-Mac valve bagging/filling machine is a manual filler which allow you to bag or fill low volumes of special products into valve bags or socks. It prevents the dusty problem when filling dry solid powders ingredients, granular products and other special products. With its creative design and high quality made in Australia, it is a great investment.......[Click here to see details]

Form Fill & Seal Machine

Form Fill & Seal Machine

C-Mac’s Form Fill & Seal Machine is an Australian Made product and is suitable for various sands, potting mixes, pebbles etc. With many optional accessories available, the product is a fully automatic bagging machine and its maximum speed is filling 50 bags per minutes......[Click to see details]


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