Bag Sealers

Foot Activated Heat SealerFoot Activated Heat Sealer

  • Suitable for sealing PE, PP, LDPE, and PVC materials
  • P.E. sheet 0.03 – 0.45mm. P.P. sheet 0.04 – 0.2mm
  • Heating time 0.5 – 9 seconds depending on material thickness
  • 60cm sealing length, 5mm wide seal
  • Note: Head is modified by C-Mac to a permanent tilted position for easy insertion for sealing filled bags. A static conveyor is normally used to save lifting of bags by rolling filled bag, from bagging head to heat sealer. Foot pedal extended to protrude out in front of conveyor.
  • Power: 240 V
  • To operate set the heating time, push the start switch, position the plastic bag, then press the pedal. When the indicator light goes off, wait 2-3 seconds to cool then release the pedal.

Semi-automatic Bag SealerSemi-automatic Bag Sealer

  • Foot/Button operated sealer
  • Suitable for sealing PE, PP, LDPE, and PVC materials.
  • Manual operation is replaced by automatic control of the jaw closing, impulse time, cooling time and jaw opening to ensure perfectly consistent seals regardless of operator technique.
  • NS Models also have an impulse electric circuitry, powerful solenoid and temperature sensor.

Automatic Band Sealer 

  • Sealing Speed: 12m/min
  • Sealing Width: Standard 10mm (5,15mm Optional)
  • Heater: 230V, 500W
  • Automatic Band Sealer Cooling Type: Forced Air Cooling
  • Power Consumption: 1020W
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V/50~60Hz
  • Conveyor: 240mm
  • Option Left to Right
  • Printer with ribbon or dry ink (optional)

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