Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer
  • Self tracking trailers follow the path of the prime mover.
  • C-Mac low loading trailer helps solve the issues with moving large plants.
  • Manoeuvre a train of several trailers down narrow paths, around corners and trough entrances of potting sheds & dispatch areas.
  • No expensive bobcats or qualified drivers required to move large pots.
  • Frees up bobcats for more important tasks.
  • Reduces running time & maintenance costs on bobcats.
  • Low capital investment.
  • Low loader can carry 20 off 75 litre pots per load
    (bobcat carries 3 per bucket or 5 per pallet per load).
  • Minimum lifting saves on potential injuries.


  • Very strong unit
  • Tray (main) 1.2 m wide by 2.4 m flat base
  • Overall length 3.650 metres
  • Clearance- 100mm
  • Deck height 200mm
  • Wheel diameter 440mm x 100mm (fork tyres)
  • Turning circle- 8 metres diameter
  • Can go from a 2.5 metre wide path to a 1.5 metre path
  • Distributed load weight: 1980kgs
  • Total low loader weight: 340kgs
  • Total weight for non-highway applications
  • (Fully loaded, at a max speed of 20 kmph): 2,320kgs
  • Clearance is not a problem!
  • Template drawings are available so customers can check clearances and cambers on roadways.

Click here for Template Drawings  

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer

  • Hinged side ramps secured with heavy duty pad bolts
  • 8” turf tyres



Can you move fifty 100 litre pots with tall trees over a distance of 150m in 1 hr and not get a sore back? These trailers will let you do it.