Mobile Conveyors

C-Mac mobile conveyors, designed to suit all landscaping and nursery material handling needs, is ideal for conveying materials in limited access applications and production plants.

­­­­­Portable, mobile, flexible and purpose ordered conveyor belt material to suit each application delivers a successful outcome.

Conveyors transport material that needs to be moved between plant, yard, skip or truck etc. In other words, it provides a cost effective solution where other materials handling methods are time consuming and impractical.

Mobile ConveyorBenefit - Why do you need a conveyor?

  1. Convenient and makes job easier
  2. It provides additional flexibility of daisy chaining machines together to access those difficult to reach areas when transporting any materials between machinery, yard and truck.
  3. Saves time/labor and improves production
  4. The products help you get the job done fast, efficiently and cost effectively.

Features - Why should you use a C-Mac conveyor


  1. Caters for a varietyof materials including: sand, soil, pebbles, chippings, mulches, potting mix
  2. Manufactured to specificationsor available as a standard 5-metre unit.

Flexible and Convienient

  1. Quick setup in minutes (no specialist skills required)
  2. Height adjustable
  3. Easy to move around
  4. Easy to fold and unfold legs for transport.

High Quality

  1. Durable and reliable Australian made product in Sydney NSW
  2. Made from 2mm thick mild steel - designed for minimum maintenance
  3. ISO 9001:2015 Quality certified ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved
  4. Over 30 years manufacturing a reputable Mobile Conveyor supplied to wholesale nurseries, retail nurseries, landscape suppliers, Landscaping & Gardening Contractors and the Nursery & Garden Industries.


  1. Modular – Standard head & tail ends with 1200 or 2400 mm long sections between to give different length conveyors.
  2. Belt - 350mm wide x 3 ply rubber Cleated Belt (Resists impact from coarse materials and the troughed profile minimizes spillage of materials).
  3. Power supply - 3 phase 415Volt 1.1kw motor or Single Phase 240Volt
  4. Belt speed/feed rates according to customer’s requirement.
  5. Belt tracking both ends
  6. Solid rubber wheels or optional 6” castors (help to move conveyor easily)
  7. Ball Bearing return idler rollers
  8. Special "Scraper Plough" removes built up dirt from the tail roller and the belt
  9. Tail Roller & Conveyor ScraperOptional:
    • Footswitch,
    • Variable Drive
    • Side rails allow for moving oversize material and eliminates spillage

Please Note: Our conveyors come standard with a conveyor plough for cleaning the underside of the belts and the bottom tail roller. Prevents build-up of dirt, lengthens the life of belts and helps maintaining tracking of the belt.

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