Self Tracking Trailers

Delux-Self-Tracking-TrailersSelf tracking trailers have a self tracking wheel system. The trailers follow the path of the mini-tractor or tug that is pulling the trailer. Multiple trailers can be connected one behind the other.

Self tracking trailers are used in the following industries:

  1. Nursery & Horticultural – pots & plants e.g. garden centres and plant wholesale nurseries
  2. Small Farms for carrying hay bales, tools etc
  3. Sports Clubs
  4. Tennis complexes, football grounds, athletics ovals, golf courses, cricket clubs.
  5. Leisure Retreat and resorts for carrying luggage and travel bags
  6. Entertainment – carrying sound equipment
  7. Rescue &  Emergency services – sand bags
  8. Aviation – small airports
  9. Industrial warehouses and maintenance departments
  10. Corrective Service – Food transport
  11. Other specialty applications

Tugs - What to pull the self tracking trailer with?

  1. Low-loader-trailers-onsiteTractor large and small
  2. Quad Bike
  3. Golf kart both electric and fuel engines
  4. Small cars or utes
  5. By hand over short distances on good surfaces (hand bar provided on draw bar)

Tug sizes are dependent on number of trailers to be hitched together, weight of loads, downhill braking, terrain, hills, gullies and slopes, distances to be travelled and turnaround times. Versatility required of tugs e.g. people movers, lawn cutting, and soil moving or is it going to be used solely for pulling trailers.

Always give consideration to being able to stop when going down hills with a load of trailers behind.

C-Mac, as a standard and custom designed self tracking trailer manufacturer, makes high quality self tracking trailers with a variety of options to choose from.

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How does C-Mac Self Tracking Trailers work?

Below is the principle of our self tracking trailers for turning and tracking accuracy.

a. Front and rear axles are joined together by a linking bar so when the front axle is pivoted the rear axle is pivoted in the opposite direction. This means the rear axle wheels track in exactly the same position as the front wheels.

b. When several trailers are attached the following trailers follow or track in exactly the same path. Not cutting corners, so the last trailer will not hit walls or plants when being towed. Where ever you can take your tug the trailers will follow.

c. Biggest disadvantage is that the trailers cannot be reversed so a drive through situation is always required.

C-Mac Self tracking trailers available options:

All our products are completely customisable with such options as:

Trailer Component Options:

  1. Pot rails or Side rails   
    1. Stop potted plants from falling off the deck especially on rough tracks/roadways and pathways
    2. When staff dive hard, fast and recklessly
    3. Height of rails made to suit the customer pot size
  2. Drop down sides
  3. Deck height extensions (Deck size can be adjusted/raised to suite your requirements e.g. use trailer decks for potting, save bending)
  4. Brake on front wheels
  5. Wide turf and sand tyres
  6. Non self tracker – fixed rear axle
  7. Ball couplings to suit car tow bars
  8. Double and triple decks (deluxe trailer only) - Improve efficiency by minimising the number of trips putting pots out or returning for dispatch

1. NOTE: heights between decks can be varied during manufacture to suit your plant heights and pot sizes
2. Do not over load your trailer

Word of caution with multiple decks, load weights is very high above centre of gravity and trailers can roll if not driven carefully and on level ground. Tyre pressure is critical.

Why Choose C-Mac’s “Self Tracking Trailers”

  • Australian Made - High quality galvanized finish, quality wheels and bearings; Heavy duty and sturdy construction made to last
  • Proven and improved over the last 50 years in all conditions and locations around Australia
  • Technological advancements with 3D Computer Aided Design - greater design capability and more flexibility for customisation.
  • A wide range of custom welding and fabrication services and are also available for all your trailers repair and maintenance.  
  • Spare parts are available if needed
  • Wide range of load capacity:
  • Self Tracking Trailers Standard Delux Low Loader
    Load Capacity (Max) 675kg 1245kg 2320kg


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Deluxe Self Tracking Trailer

  • Ideal for use around the farm, garden or nursery.
  • Heavy duty model designed with rougher terrain and tougher work in mind.
  • Proven and improved design over many years

Deluxe Self Tracking Trailer


  • Tray dimensions 1,220mm wide x 50mm deep x 2,440mm long
  • Bed 3mm galvanised steel with drain holes in all four corners
  • Fully welded then hot dipped galvanised steel frame
  • Weight – 155kg
  • Height – 620mm (as an option it can be increased to suit your required working height)
  • Capacity – 1245kg
  • Deck fully supported for length of trailer - no sagging
  • 4” wide x 10” rim 6ply tyres with alloy rims and tapered bearing hubs
  • Draw bar, attached to extremities of axle to minimise mistracking
  • Bearing pivot system on axles

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Deluxe Trailer with Potting Station

Trailer Potting Station (See details below)
  • Dimensions: 1.23m wide, 2.45m long, 0.54m high
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Capacity: 1m³
  • Work Height: 0.85m from ground

Deluxe Trailer Potting Station

deluxe-trailer-potting-station-1.jpgMost nurseries have a demand for manual potting and/or potting up. Nursery managers can either choose a “potting trailer” “potting station” or a “potting machine”. Why not create multiple uses for a single piece of equipment, utilise your existing (deluxe self tracking) nursery trailer and turn it into a mobile potting station, as needed!

How did C-Mac come up with this new product? See the story below:

Paul Schroeder from Proceed in New Zealand ordered a deluxe trailer with drop down sides in June 2014. In March 2015 he sent us pictures of his timber hopper on the deluxe trailer which he was using as a mobile potting station citing its great benefits and how well it worked.

C-Mac’s General Manager who had seen other nurseries potting off their trailers in the past, thought this might be a handy accessory that could be fitted to any of C-Mac’s existing deluxe trailers. C-Mac’s engineer then drafted up a more refined 3D model to show how to turn a deluxe self tracking trailer into a very handy mobile potting unit.

Why Choose C-Mac’s Trailer Potting Station?


  • Australian made in Sydney
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified company
  • Over 50 years of experience in nursery equipment manufacture


  • Use the hopper as an add-on, to turn your trailer into a potting station
  • Trailer potting station is mobile and easy for moving around
  • When potting is not needed, remove the hopper and utilise your deluxe trailer

deluxe-trailer-potting-station-3---trailer-separating-from-hopper.jpgShort lead time

  • In house sheetmetal fabrication and engineering support
  • Experienced designers and draftsmen with manufacture certificate
  • A culture of looking after our customers through quick response and delivery
  • Part ID system for prompt spare part/product re-ordering


Dimensions:           1.230 m wide x 2.450 m long x 0.540 m high
Weight:                   80 kg 
Capacity:                1m³ potting media storage
Table Work Height: 85cm from ground

*Note: total weight carrying capacity is governed by the tyre ratings.


  • Lift on and off existing delux trailers with four (4) people or use the forklift
  • Storage under potting bench for tools
  • Closed up sides to stop soil spillage when filling with loader
  • Fold down sides providing a clean work bench on both sides
  • Fold up and over sides to give a shelf for trays
  • Large side opening giving easy access for filling pots
  • Swing out table on opposite corners for pots or trays

 Please note:

deluxe-trailer-potting-station-4.jpgTrailer Potting Station can only become an add-on to C-Mac’s deluxe trailer, other trailers are not compatible. C-Mac’s delux trailers have been made standard in welding fixtures for many years so hopper is interchangeable between all trailers.

Customers' Testimonial

"Having Quality Product, has been part of my family since 1979.

Quality, practicality and durability are three words that come to mind.
I've been using C-Mac since we first started the nursery in 1979 and I hope
there's a branch in heaven!

C-Mac equipment is used in all aspects of our nursery - potting, plant
movement, making life easier to get the work done in a reliable, consistent
practical way."

- - - Mal Morgan (Glenfield Wholesale Nursery)

Video - C-Mac's Deluxe Trailer Potting Station In Operation & Manual Potting Up

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Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer

  • Self tracking trailers follow the path of the prime mover.
  • C-Mac low loading trailer helps solve the issues with moving large plants.
  • Manoeuvre a train of several trailers down narrow paths, around corners and trough entrances of potting sheds & dispatch areas.
  • No expensive bobcats or qualified drivers required to move large pots.
  • Frees up bobcats for more important tasks.
  • Reduces running time & maintenance costs on bobcats.
  • Low capital investment.
  • Low loader can carry 20 off 75 litre pots per load
    (bobcat carries 3 per bucket or 5 per pallet per load).
  • Minimum lifting saves on potential injuries.


  • Very strong unit
  • Tray (main) 1.2 m wide by 2.4 m flat base
  • Overall length 3.650 metres
  • Clearance- 100mm
  • Deck height 200mm
  • Wheel diameter 440mm x 100mm (fork tyres)
  • Turning circle- 8 metres diameter
  • Can go from a 2.5 metre wide path to a 1.5 metre path
  • Distributed load weight: 1980kgs
  • Total low loader weight: 340kgs
  • Total weight for non-highway applications
  • (Fully loaded, at a max speed of 20 kmph): 2,320kgs
  • Clearance is not a problem!
  • Template drawings are available so customers can check clearances and cambers on roadways.

Click here for Template Drawings  

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer

  • Hinged side ramps secured with heavy duty pad bolts
  • 8” turf tyres




Can you move fifty 100 litre pots with tall trees over a distance of 150m in 1 hr and not get a sore back? These trailers will let you do it.

Customised units available upon request

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer For Passenger Transport

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer For Passenger TransportIdeal for horticulture based tourist attractions or large wholesale nursery's to move your workforce. Our Passenger self tracking trailers follow in the path of the prime mover, making possible towing a train of several trailers down narrow paths, around corners and through narrow entrances.

Low Loader Self Tracking Trailer For Passenger Transport

  • Polycarbonate roof
  • Closed cell foam cushions that do not absorb liquids.
  • Capacity – 8 persons (2000 kg)
  • Outside turning diameter – 8 m
  • Overall wheel width – 1225 mm



Spare Parts For Self Tracking Trailers

Spare Parts For Self Tracking Trailers
On request there are available any spare parts for C-Mac trailers:

  • Wheels for standard, deluxe, low loader trailers and potting carts
  • Drawbars and towbars
  • Draw bar hitch pin






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