Towing Trailers

Towing-trailer.jpgC-Mac’s towing trailer is also commonly known as a self tracking trailer.

Our towing trailers are suitable for use within your private property where you have to move items around or transport goods from one place to another. However, these towing trailers are not registrable for road use.

Overall, it is easy, efficient and much safer using these four wheel tracking trailers to move goods and materials around.

They don’t cut corners! Where you drive is exactly where these trailers will follow.

Where can the towing tailers be used?

Towing trailers are suitable to be used in

  • Nurseries
  • Garden centres
  • Farms
  • Resorts & Retreats
  • Transportation company depots
  • Warehouses
  • Emergency Service sectors
  • Government departments
  • Corrective services
  • Schools/TAFE/Universities
  • Councils
  • Event management companies
  • Airports
  • Sporting clubs (football, cricket……)

Wherever there is a need to transport goods or equipment around a site

How C-Mac’s towing trailers work?

Towing--self-tracking-trailer.jpgThe trailer’s self-tracking system is specially designed and has a proven track record of following the exact path of the vehicle towing i.e. mini-tractor or tug that is pulling the trailer.

  • A linking bar connects the front and rear axles. When the front axle pivots, the rear axle pivots in the opposite direction.
  • The rear wheels track in exactly the same position as the front wheels, eliminating any tendency to cut corners and possibly damage walls, stock, plants, gardens etc.  (Click here to see details of how our towing trailers work)
  • When multiple trailers are connected in a train all the trailers will follow in exactly the same path.

C-Mac’s existing towing trailers customers

  1. Various wholesales nurseries and Garden Centres use the product to carry plants, potting media and equipment.
  2. Purposes built towing trailers (self tracking trailers) have been made to carry multiple (6) garbage bins for a school in Sydney. Saved many kilometres of walking putting out and returning wheelie bins when emptied on garbage nights.
  3. Large transport (truck) company uses our trailer to move goods easily within their premises and improved their work efficiency.
  4. Football club uses the towing trailers for putting out and packing up sports equipment. Special wide wheels were utilised to protect the turf from wheel marks. The towing trailers were seen being used in the grand final on TV.
  5. Fire Rescue Service USA. Carrying goods and equipment around grounds onsite.
  6. Cricket club uses the trailer to put out equipment and carrying tools for grounds maintenance work.
  7. Event Managers – Carrying sound equipment into playing arena’s and back out for entertainment during intervals at football matches.
  8. Accommodation Retreat for carrying luggage between accommodation bungalows.
  9. Airport to carry tradesmen maintenance equipment.
  10. Hobby farmers to carrying tools and feed for animals.
  11. Purpose built towing trailers to carry food for corrective service.
  12. Several warehouses to carry products/goods.

Why Choose C-Mac’s towing trailer?

  • Quality Australian-Made with heavy duty and sturdy construction
  • Proven track record for over the last 50 years in Australia
  • We continue to improve its quality and functionality
  • Range of options available e.g. double decks, different wheels and towing hitches
  • Suitable in all conditions and locations around Australia (expect for road use)
  • Great 3D Computer Aided Design with flexibility and customisation.
  • Towing trailer spare parts alone with repair and maintenance facilities are available in Sydney Australia
  • Part ID system is available for ordering/reordering parts easily and efficiently
  • Range of towing trailer load capacities available:
  • Self Tracking Towing Trailers Standard Delux Low Loader
    Load Capacity (Max) 675kg 1245kg 2320kg


More information on C-Mac Towing Trailers, please click here

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