Feeder Bins

Feeder Bins Manufactured in Sydney

2.5 Cubic Metre CapityHopper Feeder BinUses


  • Positive discharge assured by steel conveyor slats that run the width of the bin
  • Discharge rate controlled by an adjustable gate
  • Large openings prevent bridging
  • Moving parts fully guarded or enclosed for operator’s safety
  • Easily changeable nozzles for different size bags
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Removable panels to facilitate cleaning
  • Rear under access door to allow easy cleaning
  • Chute opening showing chain drive with slatsSacrificial wear plates for chain
  • Hopper removable – bolt on (if worn or rusted)
  • Foot switch operated
  • Prime coated and painted Holly Green
  • 3 Phase electric geared motor
  • Removable legs for cost effective transport


  • Hungry boards
  • Weighing Scales Interfaced for bagging
  • Timer control for bag filling
  • Various discharge chutes to suit application
  • Feeder Bin with flat belt for bagging stonesBag support Stands
  • Load cells and readout
  • Emergency Stop Buttons
  • High/low level filling stop/start interface
  • Capacity – 2, 5 or 10 cubic metres available
  • Height of legs – to suit customer
  • Available as a mobile unit
  • Support Frame to allow moving using a Pallet Jack
  • Single phase electric geared motor
  • Conveyor belts with or without slats
  • Differing drive gearbox / motor sizes to suit product


  Length Width Height Weight Motor Hopper plate thickness
2.5 Cubic Metres 2.8 metres 1.7 metres 2.5 metres 650 kg 2.5 kW 3 mm
5 Cubic Metres 2.8 metres 2.3 metres 2.5 metres      

Feeder Bins

Feeder Bins


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