Bulk Bag Filler Hopper

Assembled Kit Bulk Bagging FrameWhy use a bulk bagging equipment?

Filling bulk bags without a proper purpose built frame is slow, inefficient, labor consuming and and a waste of resources that may lead to accidents.

About 16 years ago, C-Mac started to manufacture "Bulk Bag Filling Hopper" to solve these problems!

Why improvise to fill bulk bags? Do it the easy and safe way.

  1. Reduced risk of injuries to operators
  2. Utilise equipment properly and efficiently
  3. Save labor costs
  4. No power required
  5. Earn more dollars by minimising product spills

Users of Bulk Bag Filling Frames

  • Landscape & Building Suppliers – Bulk supply of sand products for building sites
  • Production Nurseries – Bulk supply of potting mix to nurseries
  • Sand Bagging – Bulk supply for Emergency support for floods and storms
  • Quarries – bagging of special products


  1. Suitable for a variety of free flowing substances such as sand, soil, pebbles, stones, gravel, mulches, potting mix and mined minerals.
  2. Pin Locations are variable to suit different style/size of bulk bag loops
  3. Different chute types to suit different sized and shaped bulk bags

Open top bulk bag filling         or        Spout top bulk bag filling

Bulk Bag Filling HopperKit Bulk Bagger with Spout Hopper   Adjustale sliding pins for hanging bulk bags


  • Kit Flat Pack reduces transport cost significantly
  • Kit Flat Pack only has the interchangeable hoppers
  • Easy to assemble

Both easily filled using a skid steer loader

Bulk Bag Filling Frames can be equipped to fill using conveyors - See Bulk Bag Filling Line as an example.

Labor Saving

  1. High volume: large volume of material bagged instantly
  2. Efficient: up to 10 - 20 bulk bags filled per hour (Pending the location of the material)
  3. Low maintenance: No motors or drive mechanisms (No electrical power required)
  4. Simple to use minimal training required:
    • Bags can be filled by one person
    • Bulk bags filled in single tip of the loader bucket
  5. Safe: no moving parts, for fingers to get caught in.
  6. Minimize risk of getting a back strain
  7. Frame easily to moved to different product bunkers saving loader time

Flexible and Convenient

  1. Interchangeable Hoppers to suit your bag style.
  2. Adjustable pin position for different width bags

High Quality

  1. AUSTRALIAN MADE product in Sydney NSW
  2. Strong: Made from heavy section BHP steel
  3. Quality certified company ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved.
  4. Many years of experience manufacturing Bulk bag filling frames and other bagging machines

See video below for C-Mac's bulk bag filling frame (bulk bagger/bulk bag filling hopper) in operation:



Chute filling OptionNominal capacity – Loading for 1 cubic metre bulk bags

Overall dimensions:

  • Height at front of hopper 2.4 m x 1.8 m wide at front
  • Height at rear of hopper 2.8 m x 2.4 m wide at rear
  • Width of hopper: 1.2 m
  • Floor plate thickness: 3 mm
  • Hopper bottom opening: 850 × 550 mm


  1. Put a pallet under hopper with forklift;
  2. Hook loops of bulk bag onto pins;
  3. Dump 1 m3 load of product into hopper;
  4. Lift pallet and filled bulk bag with forklift;
  5. Slide pins back and forth to remove bag loops;
  6. Insert forklift tynes into bulk bag loops;
  7. Transport bag with forklift to storage location or truck for transport
  8. Wash out hopper between products to prevent cross contamination e.g going from white to yellow sand.

Bulk Bagger with Load Cells and ReadoutOptions include:

  • Loads cells can be fitted for weighing bags.
  • Weighing system with an accuracy of + or – 2 kg
    • Dust and waterproof controls  
    • Stainless steel enclosure to protect display
  • Interchangeable hopper with 400 diameter spout & bag clamps
  • Pneumatic pin release
  • Automated bulk bag lift for removal of bags
  • Detachable bagging chute
  • Green or Blue enamel paint
  • Heavy floor plate 5 mm for hopper

Kit Bulk Bagger Flat Packed ready for transportSpecial Bulk Bagging Hopper

What C-Mac's customer says about our Bulk Bagger/Bulk Bag Filling Hopper

"Our old bagging hopper was a pain and we had been putting up with it long enough, saw  C-Macs hopper on the internet which resulted in a visit, it was time to do something so we put it on the back of the truck and brought it back to the yard.

We have tripled our production filling about 20 bulk bags per hour. It’s easily moved to different sand bunkers, easy to wash ready for the next product. It’s perfect, we have now taken on more orders."

----- Paul, Manager of Nepean Landscapes


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