Trailer Components Options

Double & triple decks (delux trailer only)

Trailer Options

  • Double or triple the usable area of the self-tracking trailer
  • Increase the usable area with two, three or four removable decks.
  • Top tray height is manufactured or adjustable to customer’s specification
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel decks and frame.
  • Mesh decks available
  • Can be supplied in a “flat pack” to reduce freight costs

Download triple deck trailer dimensions.pdf


  • Removable 2mm galvanised steel tray
  • Removable corner posts
  • Weight – 55kg

Drop Sided

Trailer Options

  • All four sides are hinged and removable, similar to a box trailer, but with four wheels.
  • Ideal for use around the farm, garden or nursery
  • Ideal for larger pots or unstable loads
  • Available in heavy duty


Brake on front wheels

Trailer Options

  • Brake on the front wheels when the draw bar is dropped to the ground




Wide tyres

Trailer OptionsSpecial axles can be made to accommodate wide tyres and rims.

  • Sandy applications
  • Minimize wheel tracks on turf or synthetic grass



Non self tracker – fixed rear axle trailer

Trailer Options

  • Ideal for use around the farm, garden or nursery where multiple trailers in a train are not required.
  • This trailer can be backed like a normal box trailer.
  • Standard or deluxe trailers can be made with rear axle fixed.

Side rails

Trailer OptionsTrailer Options

  • Stops large pots from falling off trailer if roads bumpy, steep or operator drives fast.
  • Height of rails can be made to suit customer’s pots.
  • Easily removable.

Raised deck height

Trailer Options

  • Height made to suit customer’s requirement
  • Allows for ergonomic potting or filling of trays using trailer deck as “potting bench”.


Ball couplings for draw bars

Trailer Options

  • Ball coupling attachments for the draw bar adapt to fit onto towbars for versatility

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