Emergency Sand Bagger

Emergency Sand BaggerUsers of Emergency Sand Bagger

Specially designed for State Emergency Service (SES) in Australia

Why use Emergency Sand Bagger?

  1. Save labor (one person operation)
  2. Increase productivity: Easy to use
  3. Increase Shift length: Reduces fatique on operators
  4. Reduced injuries risk: Adjustable bag stand height

      (No more aching or sore knuckles)

Why Choose C-Mac Emergency Sand Bagger?


  1. Caters for a variety of materials include sand, soil, potting mix, gravel, stone, woodchip, scoria and stock feed etc.
  2. Fills a variety of different types and sizes of bags

Labor saving

  1. High volume: a large volume of sand can be bagged or potted quickly
  2. Efficient: Approx 500 15 kg bags per hour (6 - 8 seconds per 15 liter bag)
  3. Simple to operate with minimal to no training required: Can be operated by just one person
  4. Safe and Low Maintenance: No moving parts, for fingers to get caught
  5. Minimize back strain: Comfortable work height (eliminates bending over)

Flexible and Convenient

1. Manually or Automatically controlled using 240 volt operated PLC control.

Manual: Filling time controlled by the operator foot pedal

Emergency Sand Bagger - Dual Hopper


  • Set timer on control panel
  • Actuated by operator using foot pedal
  • Capable of setting for consistent filling of bags
  • Optional Automatic Scales (Cut off by weight)

2. Easy to feed with a standard skid steer loader

3. Mounted on heavy duty “galvanized trailer”  and easy to move around and transport

4. Quick sets up in just minutes

High Quality

  1. Australian made product in Sydney NSW
  2. Made from galvanized steel
  3. ISO 9001:2015 Quality certified ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved.
  4. Over 25 years reputable “Emergency Sand Bagger” supplied to State Emergency Service.
  5. Patent Number 734705


Link to Specifications

Note: Emergency Sand Bagger can now be supplied with Mobile Conveyor and Sand Bagging Frames


SES Mobile ConveyorSES Mobile Conveyor

Benefit - Why do you need a conveyor?

  1. Start sandbagging whenever bags are needed 
  2. Start sandbagging without waiting for a loader
  3. Reduce publics waiting time for help

Feature - why should you use a C-Mac conveyor?

  1. Efficient - quickly transport material into hopper
  2. Mobile - can be easily attached onto existing SES sand bagging trailer, transport as a complete sandbagging unit
  3. Versatile - convey sand and various other materials
  4. Easy to use - quick set up; simple operation; minimum training and maintenance required

See "features in detail"

How to set up and operate the conveyor:


Sand Bagging FrameSand Bagging Frames

Benefit - Why do you need C-Mac "Bagging Frames"?

1. Fill a few bags quickly

2. Start sandbagging without power

3. One person operation

4. Reduce risk of injuries (knuckles and back)

Features - Why should you use C-Mac bagging frames?

See Sand and Silt Bagging Frames

Emergency flood-proofing measures – using sandbags

Emergency flood-proofing measures – using sandbags

Sandbag Levees/Dykes

  • Sandbags stacked to form a barrier against rising flood waters.
  • The bag must be strong enough to hold sand or earth and withstand contact with water indefinitely.
  • Emergency flood-proofing measures – using sandbagsA trench should be dug because the water will exerts pressure against the sandbags.
  • The bags should not be totally filled to allow overlap which “locks” bags together.


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