Nursery Sterilisation &  Pasteurisation Equipment

200 Litre Mobile Steam Pasteurisation UnitSteam Sterilising/Pasteurisation Equipment

In Nursery and Horticultural Industry, plants could not grow fast and healthly becasue of nursery diseases and fungi such as Pythium, Phytophthora, Chalara and others.
Common sources of disease pathogens include soils and river sand.
200 Litre Mobile Steam Pasteurisation UnitFortunately disease control could be done by C-Mac sterilisation/pasteurisation trailers.
Over 50 years, our quality mobile steam pasteurisation/sterilisation trailers pasteurise potting media, tools, pots and propagating trays etc by guaranting their infant plants have the benefit of starting in disease free media......[Click here to see details]  

Electric Pasteurisation Cabinets

Pasteurisation CabinetsInsulated soil pasteurisers is the best method of carrying out pasteurisation at certain temperature 55 – 80°C. Eradication of Soil-borne pests, diseases and weed seeds could be done by C-Mac's Electric Pasteurisation Cabinets. Made from galvanised steel, the product help eliminate harmful bacteria and leave beneficial organisms for healthy soil. After treatment, the soil is cooled rapidly and stored in clean hygienic conditions.......[Click here to see details]

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