Horticultural & Nursery Equipment

As a market leader based in Sydney, C-Mac Industries has over 50 years of experience and expertise in Manufacturing Nursery & Horticultural Equipment. C-Mac provides advanced, reliable and versatile nursery equipment across Australia.

We customise nursery and horticultural machines to meet your special requirements. Also, we design and supply unique equipment to increase your nursery production and grow your business.

Throughout the years, C-Mac has been receiving great feedback and reviews from previous customers which has helped us improve and upgrade our products. Our goal is for you to improve your quality of product, work efficiency and reduce labour cost for your nursery. With our knowledgeable and well-trained staff, we can supply innovative equipment to help most nurseries.

C-Mac’s Horticultural & Nursery Equipment Photo Gallery

You can go through our gallery of nursery and horticultural equipment below to see what C-Mac is manufacturing.

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Our nursery and horticultural equipment is made for Australian conditions. In most cases, you will find what you need below that can meet your specific demands.

C-Mac works closely with customers to design and manufacture nursery machinery that solves your problems. We are dedicated and want to offer high quality nursery equipment such as spring benches, Shade house and Shade house with special cover, nursery trailers, manual potting equipment, potting machines, soil mixers, sterilising and many other nursery equipment.

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C-Mac’s Horticultural and Nursery Equipment made in-house include the following products:

Spring BenchingSpring Benching

C-Mac has been manufacturing quality nursery benches in Sydney for over 50 years. Spring benching increases propagation rates and eliminates the risks of injuries in nurseries. It is easy to assemble and lightweight. C-Mac’s high quality nursery benches are available in standard sizes or special made to order designs...... [Click here to see details]

Shade HousesShade Houses

Shade houses are used to propagate plants in a more controlled environment. To gain maximum growth among plants, shade house is utilised to cater for shade loving plants.

It protects plants from an extremely hot weather and improves the plants while growing. C-Mac is well-known in Australia for its high-quality and efficient shade houses...... [Click here to see details]

200 Litre Mobile Steam Pasteurisation UnitSteam Sterilising Systems

For plants to stay healthy and grow efficiently, a sterilising system is needed. C-Mac’s Steam Sterilising Equipment is useful for eliminating harmful bacteria in the plants. It is also utilised for pasteurisation of nursery tools, potting media, pots, etc. Available in different designs and sizes to suit your preferences...... [Click here to see details]

Steam Pasteurisation InformationSteam Pasteurisation

C-Mac’s Steam Pasteurisation Equipment is perfect for eradicating pests and other harmful bacteria in the soil. For over 50 years, C-Mac has been manufacturing quality mobile steam sterilisation trailers for nursery tools, potting media, propagating trays, etc....... [Click here to see details]

Pasteurisation CabinetsPasteurisation_Cabinets.gif

Through pasteurisation, the soil is heated to promote healthy growth of plants. C-Mac’s electric Pasteurisation Cabinets can carry out pasteurisation in the simplest, cleanest and most effective way. This equipment can help eliminate soil-borne pests, diseases and other harmful bacteria in the soil...... [Click here to see details]

Potting Station 4 m³Potting Station 4 m3

Potting stations are modified potting benches designed to fill the pots with potting mix. Thus, making the process easy and efficient. C-Mac’s potting station has an ergonomic design that is perfect for manual filling procedures. The product has also a hopper that can hold up to 4m3 of potting mix. It can be adjusted easily to fit different pot sizes...... [Click here to see details]

Potting_TrailerPotting Trailer

Potting trailers are used to carry and move potting medium and other nursery items to any location in the nursery. C-Mac has developed and improved a potting trailer to help nurserymen save time and effort of transporting nursery tools. It is made of robust materials to ensure long term usage...... [Click here to see details]

Beantree_Dispatch_Bench"Beantree” Dispatch Bench

C-Mac has developed a specialised nursery equipment to help you make your dispatch area become well organised. The “Beantree” Dispatch Bench keeps the dispatch place clean. It is used for preparing, labelling, easy disposal of cuttings, staking products, and other conditions in the dispatch area. This is a reputable product designed in partnership with an Australian nursery...... [Click here to see details]

Potting_Bench_And_ShelfPotting Bench and Shelf

Potting Bench and Shelf is a small bench ideal for small spaces in the nurseries. This product is used for propagating, potting up, dispatching, etc. It has an ergonomic height for nursery staff to work easily and efficiently. C-Mac’s Potting Bench and Shelf is perfect for small nurseries to obtain extra storage...... [Click here to see details]

Pot_AccumulatorPot Accumulator 

Pot accumulators are used in nursery to collect pots from the end conveyor. It reduces the difficulty of stopping the potting machine when the pots are continuously moving. It accumulates pots efficiently and improves the production rate of nurseries. C-Mac’s pot accumulator is made from duragal steel which increases loading capability...... [Click here to see details]

C-Mac Soil MixersC-Mac Soil Mixers

C-Mac Soil Mixers can mix several potting materials like soil, sand, sawdust, peat moss, fertilisers, etc. The equipment can be designed as right hand or left hand according to your preferences. C-Mac has also added some security features to the equipment for safe usage. Available in various sizes and capacities to suit your specific nursery needs...... [Click here to see details]

Deluxe Self Tracking TrailerDeluxe Self Tracking Trailer

Deluxe Self Tracking Trailers are ideal for nurseries, gardens or farms. It has a robust design for heavy-duty nursery work. It has also an attached draw bar on the edges to minimise misalignment when navigating. Available in standard size or made to order sizes according to your preferences....... [Click here to see details]

Low Loader Self Tracking TrailerLow Loader Self Tracking Trailer

C-Mac’s low loader trailer can solve the problem of being hard to move big plant pots in nurseries. It can carry up to 75 litres of pots per load. Convenient and easy to use. It can also help prevent potential injuries when staff are moving large pots. Additional trailer options are also available according to your nursery requirements....... [Click here to see details]

Plant Transport TrailerPlant Transport Trailer

Plant transport trailers are special type of trailers used to large volume of transport plants, pots or trays to its destination. This equipment can also be used to deliver plants to customers when nursery trucks or vans are not available. This trailer can protect plants with removable frames. C-Mac can provide made to order plant transport trailer to suit your specific nursery needs....... [Click here to see details]

Trailer OptionsTrailer Options 

To improve your nursery trailers, C-Mac has provided a wide range of trailer components. You can choose from the existing add-ons or you can ask for specific customisation for your nursery trailers....... [Click here to see details]

Spare Parts For Self Tracking TrailersSpare Parts for Self-Tracking Trailers 

Spare parts for Self-Tracking Trailers are readily available at C-Mac. Wheels for different types of nursery trailers, drawbars and towbars, hitch pin and much more are available upon request........ [Click here to see details]

Pallet RackingPallet Racking 

Pallet racking is storage racks for transporting plants and trays which are usually lifted by a forklift. It can store and move different materials around a nursery or in the dispatch area. It is very efficient to use since you can disassemble the parts to minimise storage area. It can save you space and increase stacking capability........ [Click here to see details]

Rolling BenchesRolling Benches

C-Mac has been providing quality and durable rolling benches in Australia for over 50 years. Rolling Benches are platforms that are used in the nursery to support plants above the ground. Using rolling benches can save more space in your greenhouse as you can easily roll it side to side. Rolling benches also prevent back injuries that are caused by repetitive bending and stretching. This nursery equipment can be custom built to your desired height depending on your nursery needs..... [Click here to see details]

Barrow And TrolleysBarrow and Trolleys

There are a variety of barrows and trolleys available at C-Mac. You can choose from different types of trolleys and barrows that will suit your specific nursery requirement. Available products include bench trolley, rail top barrow, rail top 4-wheeled barrow, retail nursery trolley etc. Built from sturdy materials to transport and carry nursery (potted) plants and accessories easily........ [Click here to see details]

C-Mac Potting MachineC-Mac Potting Machine 

C-Mac Potting machine is used in the potting up process. Potting machines can also be utilised for filling different materials such as soil, sand, gravel, potting mix (etc.) to different sizes of bags.  Manual or automatic control can be choosen. You can choose from the dual or single hopper, which is an optional add-on structure to suit your nursery demands........ [Click here to see details]

Trough BenchesTrough Benches

Trough benches are a special nursery benches with C-Mac's innovative design. The yare mainly used for subirrigation systems in nursery. Using trough benches can save time and effort especially when you water thousands of plants. It massively increases workers' productivity and is designed and built with C-Mac’s Spring Benching........ [Click here to see details]

Rotating TableRotating Table

Rotating tables are used to temporarily hold trays and pot plants at the end of a take-off conveyor while a potting machine is operating. This simple and durable equipment will keep the production process organised and effective. Rotating table is also used to store trays or soil when there is no potting bench available. C-Mac’s rotating tables can be customised to work with your existing equipment........ [Click here to see details]

200 Litre Mobile Steam Pasteurisation Unit200 Litre Mobile Steam Pasteurisation Unit

Plants cannot grow vigorously when there are harmful bacteria in soil. Thus, sterilising/pasteurisation is needed. 200 Litre Mobile Steam Pasteurisation Unit is a high-quality equipment for sterilising and pasteurisation. This equipment is used to ensure the healthy growth of plants. It comes in various sizes and designs to meet your nursery requirement........ [Click here to see details]

Polyethelene-Comet-Potting-MachineCOMET Potting Machine

If filling of bags and trays seems to be difficult to you, then C-Mac’s COMET Potting Machine is what you need. This semi-automatic machine can increase your potting up efficiency. It minimises the muscle strain for nurserymen in manual potting process. Improve your potting production with this advanced equipment. It is made from high quality materials which we can also customise based ib what you need........ [Click here to see details]

Shade House With Special Cover

C-Mac manufactures this special type of shade house with cover. A shade house is a structure where shade loving plants are propagated and can grow effectively. This shade house is not only beneficial to plants but also for growers. It is not a green house becayse it is actually a shade house with specail fabric woven cover. C-Mac’s special cover is an add-on to the existing shade house structure. There are different sizes and designs available........ [Click here to see details]

Deluxe Trailer with Potting StationDeluxe Trailer with Potting Station

C-Mac’s Deluxe Trailer with Potting Station is an innovation of their existing deluxe trailer. Deluxe Trailer with Potting Station can be used as a trailer, potting station and potting equipment all in one. This innovative equipment has been proven to provide great value to different nurseries. It is flexible and convenient to use.......[Click here to see details]

If you have questions regarding our Horticultural and Nursery equipment, you can contact us on 02 9631 6000 OR   Click here for discussion & FREE Quotation