Bagging Frames

Why use bagging frames?

  1. Reduce risk of injuries (Knuckles and back)
  2. Reduce labour costs - only a single operator required
  3. Increase work efficiency
  4. Earn more dollars bagging.

Filling sand bags by hand - watch those knuckles     Sand bagging frame

Users of C-Mac Silt & Sand Bagging Frame

Why Choose C-Mac Silt & Sand bagging frames?

Bagging Frames     Bagging Frames


  1. Suitable for all types of bags – Plastic, Woven plastic and hesian
  2. Standard size and special size frames both can be made
  3. Flexible and Convenient
  4. Robust hinged hopper
  5. Sand bagging frame has removeable legs for compact storage
  6. Light and easy to transport (move around)
  7. Quick set up in just seconds

Labor Saving 

  1. Only one person is needed for operation
  2. Filling bags with material at a faster speed 
  3. Minimize back strain: Comfortable work height (Save bending while holding the bag)

High quality

    1. Robust  & Quality product in Sydney NSW
    2. End of tubes closed to prevent spiders nesting
    3. ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified ensuring procedures are maintained and continuously improved
    4. Over 20 years reputable “Sand Bag Filling Frame” supplied to the Landscaping Contractors and Civil Construction Contractors.


Feature Silt Bagging Frame Sand Bagging Frame
Height of hopper above ground 955 mm 812 mm
Hopper opening size 250 x 350 250 x 350
Bag width when flat 240 mm 350 mm
Colour Yellow Olive Green
Tube ends plugged Yes Yes
Removable Legs No Yes
Packing Size 500 x 500 x 980 mm 620 x 310 x 812 mm
Weight 12 kg 15 kg

Operation ProcessBagging Frames

      1. Open hopper
      2. Insert bag into hole and fold top of bag over flat bar
      3. Close hopper onto bag (clamps bag)
      4. Shovel material into hopper
      5. Open hopper and remove filled bag


Kit Sand Bagging Frame

      • Kit Sand Bagging FrameSuits Hessian Bag size (230mm wide)
      • DIY assembly
      • Folds up into a small package
      • Prevents knuckles injuries that might occur when one person is holding the bag while another one shovels the material in

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