Deluxe Trailer Potting Module

deluxe-trailer-potting-station-1.jpgThis module drops on top of one of our deluxe trailers to turn it into a handy mobile potting station as needed without tying up the trailer base permanently.

How did C-Mac come up with this product?

Paul Schroeder from Proceed in New Zealand ordered a deluxe trailer with drop down sides in June 2014. In March 2015 he sent us pictures of his timber hopper on the deluxe trailer which he was using as a mobile potting station citing its great benefits and how well it worked.



Dimensions:           1.230 m wide x 2.450 m long x 0.540 m high
Weight:                   80 kg 
Capacity:                1m³ potting media storage
Table Work Height: 85cm from ground


  • Lift on and off existing deluxe trailers with four (4) people or use the forklift
  • Storage under potting bench for tools
  • Closed up sides to stop soil spillage when filling with loader
  • Fold down sides providing a clean work bench on both sides
  • Fold up and over sides to give a shelf for trays
  • Large side opening giving easy access for filling pots
  • Swing out table on opposite corners for pots or trays
  • When potting is not needed, remove the hopper and utilise your deluxe trailer

Customers' Testimonial

"Having Quality Product, has been part of my family since 1979.

Quality, practicality and durability are three words that come to mind.
I've been using C-Mac since we first started the nursery in 1979 and I hope
there's a branch in heaven!

C-Mac equipment is used in all aspects of our nursery - potting, plant
movement, making life easier to get the work done in a reliable, consistent
practical way."

- - - Mal Morgan (Glenfield Wholesale Nursery)

Video - C-Mac's Deluxe Trailer Potting Module In Operation.