Plant & Equipment Finance

Advantages of Equipment Finance:

1. Flexibility

Provides flexibility to respond quickly to business growth and change.

2. Tax Advantages

Tax advantages can be significant, provided your equipment is used to derive assessable income.

3. Avoids Obsolescence

Old methods can be inefficient and less cost effective than new technology. Equipment Finance keeps you at the forefront of technology and in a position to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

4. Purchasing Power

Financing allows you to acquire more and/or higher-end equipment.

5. 100% Financing

Ability to finance the complete solution including equipment, software, installation and more.

6. Accounting Considerations

Off-balance sheet financing, improved reported earnings, and increased return on assets may be options you can take advantage of.

7. Conserve Working Capital

Prevent your cash and lines of credit being tied up. By conserving working capital, you have the ability to improve your cash flow and take advantage of profitable business opportunities as they arise.

8. Budget with certainty

Written at a fixed interest rate for a fixed period. As a result, repayments are not subject to interest rate fluctuations, making it easier for you to forecast and budget.

9. Flexible payments

Repayment Schedules are flexible and can be structured to suit your cash flow, budget and tax objectives.

10. Quick & Easy

Your credit application will be expediently evaluated, providing you with a quick decision

Plant and Equipment Finance calculator (source: - website can no longer to be opened)

This information does not constitute tax advice. Consult with your tax advisor to determine how to use equipment financing to take advantage of expensing and depreciation tax savings

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