Manual Potting Stations

Potting Station 4 m³

What is the use of Potting Station?

Potting Station 4m3 double sidedPotting station is a very large modified potting bench designed to meet the needs of filling large pots with soil, generally used for the potting up of growing shrubs into larger pots. Using a potting station is a proficient potting method (customers have stated: betten than a automated machine).

Fast and flexible, ideal for lower volumes where an operator is efficient. No setup times and no electrical problems or mechanical break downs of equipment.

Place your pots under the pot template and drag the soil out with your hands. Surprisingly easy and efficient.

The Potting station can hold a large amount 4m3 of potting mix, saving time of having to reload hopper regularly. 

Pot template and adjustable pot support on potting stationWhy Choose C-Mac’s Potting Station 4 m3?

C-Mac is the leading manufacturer of nursery equipment in Australia. C-Mac’s Potting Station 4m3 has been designed, manufactured and evolved over the years thanks to the input from various nurseries.

  • Easily adjustable for different pot sizes, just slide out the pot template and add a different size, no tools required
  • Gravity feed hopper with step walls to stop bridging
  • Fill by bobcat or conveyor
  • No motorised moving parts, minimum maintenance.
  • Front panel to stop soil splilling out when filling with a bob cat. Easily adjusted manually up and down on a hook rail system.
  • Adjustable rails for supporting the base of different height pots using a simple clamping system similar to a jocky wheel on a trailer.
  • Easy changing of the pot templates. Just slide in or out as needed.
  • Simple and reliable

Specially designed for horticultural and nursery industry, the potting station can greatly improve work efficiency for nurseries. With many years of experience (over 50 years), C-Mac has come up with this innovatively designed potting station.

C-Mac’s Potting Station 4musually holds 200mm pots or larger. Its storage hopper has an adjustable wall to minimise spillage when loading soil or other potting materials.

C-Mac’s Potting Station features:

  • 4 cubic metres capacity
  • Dimensions – 1.5m wide x 2.5m high x 3.2m long
  • 3mm mild steel, painted finish
  • Double sided operation takes up to seven 16” diameterper side
  • Three custom sizes of pot holding templates supplied with each potting station
  • Templates are made from sturdy 3mm galvanised sheet
  • Galvanised sheet metal cylinders, for potting into bags, are also available
  • Option – heavy duty castors to be able to move the potting station (on concrete)

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Potting Bench and Hopper

  • Potting Bench and HopperThe simple method of setting up a workflow pattern for straight filling of tubes, trays and pots of all sizes with a bulk loaded hopper
  • Manufactured from heavy galvanised steel
  • Mounting frame made of robust angle iron
  • Built to provide many years of uninterrupted service



  • Capacity – 1.8 cubic metres
  • Dimensions – 1.2m wide x 2m high x 1.8m long


  • Capacity – 2.5 cubic metres
  • Dimensions – 1.2m wide x 2m high x 2.4m long

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A.D.A.S. Potting Bench

A.D.A.S. Potting Bench

A.D.A.S potting bench for hand potting by four persons simultaneously.

Hopper can be filled by a conveyor coming from a soil mixer or soil bunker.

Researchers at the agricultural development and advisory service in England developed this hand potting bench design.

Using the a.d.a.s nursery bench designed with 4 hand potting positions provides more efficient potting techniques and dramatically improves hand potting output rates.


  • The hopper contains 400 litres of growing media.
  • Hopper is galvanised sheet etched primed and enamel painted.
  • Galvanised workbench top is 2.4 metres square.
  • Height to bench top is 915mm.
  • Overall height to top of hopper 2,060mm
  • 3mm galvanised steel deck.
  • Galvanised legs and cold gal painted welds.

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