C-Mac Potting Machine

C-Mac Potting Machine Features

  • Ideal for bags for citrus & advanced trees
  • Materials include sand, gravel, bark, potting mix and stock feed
  • 240 volt operation – automatic or manual control
  • Fills a variety of sizes of pots or bags
  • Filling time 6-8 seconds per 30 litre bag
  • 2 Rotary vibrators for continuous feed
  • Each vibrator has 3-position variation for fine-tuning of various hard to move potting mixes
  • Chute vibrator is matched to suit 4 custom sized guides for filling pots from 75mm to 300mm
  • Forklift guides fitted for easy movement to storage when not in use
  • Also available trailer mounted as a mobile unit

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C-Mac Potting MachineBoth Single and Dual Hopper

  • Hopper – galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • Power supply – 240V, 8 amp
  • Manual control – foot pedal operates the feeder chute
  • Automatic control – set the electric timer, depress the foot pedal control and feeder will cut out at the selected time. It will not operate until the pedal is depressed again
  • Galvanised hungry boards available

Single hopper

  • Hopper capacity – approx. 1.15 cubic metres
  • Dimensions – 2.5m high x 1.8m wide x 1.2m deep

C-Mac Potting MachineDual hopper

  • Hopper capacity – approx. 2.7 cubic metres
  • Dimensions – 2.7m high x 2.4m wide x 1.2m deep
  • Controls – Each side has individual controls which allow the two chutes to be used together or separately
  • 2 different types of materials can be bagged or potted at the same time if a dividing wall (optional) is fitted
  • Dividing wall can be removed to allow bagging of double volume of mix
  • 2 Rotary ‘Bin Vibrators’ to each hopper

Optional Extras

  • Rotating Table For Potting Up

    Fertiliser_Dibbling_UnitLoad cell (scales)
  • Manual roller conveyor with height adjustment
  • Foot pedal heat sealer
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Hungry boards to suit your loader
  • Adjustable bag support shelves
  • Rotary Table
  • Fertiliser dibbing unit (see pictures on the right)

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