Trommel System

Trommel System

What is a Trommel System?

A trommel system, is a rotating screen or seive used for separating in this case unwanted prouct such as plastics and seeds from soil media. This equipment is widly used in the sand & soil and the mining industries for grading sands, stone, gravel and pinebark for mulch mixes.

There is a sloping revolving cylindrical drum covered in fine mesh that is driven directly by a gear motor. Heavier applications the rotating screen sits on wheels which are  driven by a motor and gearbox. 

The trommel in this case is fed material by an elevating conveyor that is loaded by dumping bags of waste product into a loading hopper.

As it rotates, small-sized materials pass through the mesh screen onto the elevating conveyor for loading into bulker bags or trailers. The larger materials will pass through the other end of the drum and drop into waste bins.

This light weight machine designed for a palm nursery separates waste and old palm seeds from the soil media in a fast and effective way allowing the soil to be re-used.

What is the use of trommel system in nurseries?

Trommel systems enable nurseries to clean up their waste soil heaps so that growing media is recycled, which helps the enviroment and is a sustainable process. It is most suitable where new potting media is hard to obtain, as in remote or island locations.

Wherever a fine product needs separating from a coarser product this machine is the answer.

Trommel systems can be used in many different applications. Various size mesh along the length of the rotating cylinder enables grading of particle sizes of a product. Structures are modified according to its usage.

Why choose C-mac’s Trommel System?

C-Mac produces a quality and proven trommel system. Trommels are customisable to suit your applicable materials.

C-mac’s Trommel System Features


  • Loading hopper – suitable height for manual loading
  • Elevating conveyor (6m long) has a cover to contain product on conveyor belt and minimise dust
  • Semi-automated process
  • Trommel has adjustable legs to vary angle to optimize process
  • Flexible discharge chute to spread load in receiving bins & bulker bags.
  • Galvanised steel and enamel painted
  • Variable speed forward and reverse trommel; 20-degree angle
  • Conveyors are provided with scrapers to keep the underside of the belt clean during the operation
  • Discharge conveyor (4.7m long) can be used for bagging cleaned product
  • Optional refuse conveyor for loading bins/truck, etc.

This trommel system designed for nurseries is very efficient, and ideal for waste management in plant nurseries. Gives nurserymen the opportunity to be environmentally sustainable and the ability to get rid of that soil waste heap full of rubbish in the back corner of your nursery.

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