Potting Equipment

Potting Station 4 m³Potting Station

C-Mac's Potting Station with a 4 cubic metre hopper is one of our most popular manual potting stations. It is used for potting and potting-up tasks usually with 200mm or larger pots. With a large storage hopper, an adjustable wall to minimise spillage when loading, adjustable pot support for different pot sizes with no tools required, the C-Mac potting station is simple and reliable. .......[Click here to see details]   

Potting Bench and HopperPotting Bench and Hopper

The Potting Bench and Hopper is designed for hand potting by two or four people and is double sided. Simple and suitable for small nurseries.Made from heavy galvanised steel it improves potting production rates and......[Click here to see details]

Potting_TrailerPotting Trailer

Potting trailers help move your potting mix around and allows potting to occur where ever required around the nursery. A shade shelter is available as an option. For over 40 years, C-Mac have been manufacturing and developing nursery trailers for the horticultural industry, helping nurseries to improve methods and improve efficiency .....[Click here to see details]

Potting_Bench_With_Fold_Down_SidePotting & Propagation Bench

C-Mac potting and propagation benches are used for potting and propagation. The side of the bench folds up to prevent spillage when hopper is loaded with soil. Options include shelves and wheel chair access. The galvanised steel bench with sides provide you with appropriate working height and enables you to improve work efficiency......[Click here to see details]

Beantree_Dispatch_Bench"Beantree" Dispatch Bench

"Beantree" Dispatch Benches helps keep dispatch areas organised and clean. Wheel it out when needed. Setup multiple dispatch benches in a layout as required. Easily remove roots by rubbing pots across the steel mesh, removed dead leaves etc dropped through chute directly into bin. With its mobility and ergonomic working layout, the "Beantree" Dispatch Bench will help you complete your dispatch task easily and quickly.......[Click here to see details]

Pot_AccumulatorPot Accumulator

C-Mac's Pot Accumulator eliminates the problem of having to stop the potting machine because of no trailers available to take product away. Table extremities supported with bearings, also available.......[Click here to see details]

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