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COMET Potting Machine

COMET Potting MachineSince 1980, over 370 COMET Potting Machines have been sold worldwide. No more slow, expensive and daunting manual potting jobs in your nursery operation. This product can TRIPLE your potting production while dramatically reducing your labor cost for mannul hand potting. With its low maintanence, light weight, low noise level, ergonomic working height, easy to use (no training requred) features, COMET potting machine is the most popular small potting machine in Australia. Enables you to work with a wide range of small to large pots, COMET is an efficient, flexible, well designed and quality semi-automatic potting tool! [Click here to see details]

C-Mac Potting MachineC-Mac Potting Machine

C-Mac potting machines are used for potting plants or potting-up plants into larger containers in the nursery industry. The Potting Machine can also be used to fill bags with many other materials including: sand, gravel, bark, stone, potting mix and stock feed. The semi-automatic pot filling machine fills a variety of sizes of pots and containers efficiently and effectively. With both single or dual hoppers available for loading product, its automatic or manual control, can be setup to suit your own potting speed and demand.......[Click here to see details]

Continuous Conveyor Potting & Mixing MachineContinuous Conveyor Potting & Mixing Machine

C-Mac's Continuous Conveyor Potting & Mixing Machine ensures no fertilizer or other potting media are spilt. Media is continuously circulated and mixed until used. Protecting media from getting damaged, the mixing and potting chutes have vibrators located on the hopper helping control volume and speed of potting and mixing.......[Click here to see details

Jarvo Soil DrillsJarvo Potting Machine Drills

With a minimal amount of wear, C-Mac's Javo Soil Drills are able to drill the soil in hundreds of thousands of pots. Made from hard wearing polyurethane rather than PVC. Quality product suitable for JARVO equipment and available in a wide range of sizes. ......[Click here to see details]

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