Machining Services Sydney

Precision_Machined_PartsCNC Precision Parts & Components Manufactured In House:

  1. Gears such as Spur gear, Helical gear, Worm gear, Herringbone gear; Sprockets etc
  2. Pins, Pulleys, Fittings, Threading, Rollers; Screws; Shafts including Coupling;
  3. Piston control valves, Brass inserts, Neck rings,  Shaft sleeves, Hose connector, Nuts(domed, elbow, lock), Nipples, Nozzles, Sockets, Rods, Bleed screws, Studs, Plugs, Pistons, Rivets, Valves, Spindles, Bolts, Tubes

Machined Products:

Shafts, Transmission drives, turned components, bearings, jigs and special purpose machinery components.

Helical_Gear_cut_Pinion_2.jpgCNC Precision Component Materials

  • Stainless steel, aluminium, incolloys, copper brass and bronze, alloy steels, castings and forgings, bronze.
  • Special Steel, High tensile and hardened steels;
  • Plastics and Engineered plastic, felt and synthetic materials including urethane and rubber;
  • Composite fibre

Engineering & Gear Cutting Projects

  1. Restoring damaged parts: Includes Imported Parts, Replacement and Reverse Engineering;
  2. Emergency break down Services: Our skilled and experienced machinists quickly respond to your phone call and go out to help you identify the problem. With a wide range of equipment, tools and materials, most machines can be fixed immediately.
  3. Component prototyping: Help with design and manufacture;
  4. One off jobs: No job is too small or too big;
  5. Purpose build components: you don’t necessarily need to have a sample. (See examples in Photo Gallery).
  6. Onsite Work: Machining, Fabrication, Mechanical and Installation.

Component_Engineering_Pic_014.jpgCNC Precision Engineering and Gear Cutting Services

Gear Cutting

Hobbing, Broaching, Machining, Finishing, Grinding etc.

CNC Precision Machining

Repetition Engineering and Precision Machining includes CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Drilling, Grinding, , Broaching, Fitting, Splining,   Keywaying, Threading, Sawing, Reaming, Tapping, Boring and Gear Cutting

Reverse Engineering

Provide C-Mac with nothing more than an existing part, we will make a same one for you by accurate measuring, material analysis, drafting and   manufacturing.

Adaptor_machined_complete_on_lathe.jpgRepairs and Maintenance

Avoid Emergency Break Downs happening. Advoid production lines stopping with 20 people waiting because of a broken item

CNC Precision Parts Design

Having many years of manufacture experience, our mechanical design services with 3D CAD software is done in house.

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