Plant Transport Trailer

Plant Transport Trailer

What is a Plant Transport Trailer?

Designed specifically to transport hundreds of plants or grasses in pots or trays to work sites for planting out by site workers.

Field workers can tow the plants to their work site themselves behide their utes. You don't have to send out another truck and driver with the plants.

No hold ups or delays with staff having to wait around for plant deliveries. No large trucks having access problems or getting bogged on site.

These are a special box trailer fitted with removeable posts and shelving with a zippered capopy to stop the plants getting wind blown. Shelving is designed to carry the heavy load of plants & pots when fully wet for long distances.

These trailers can also be used for green life dliveries to customers where nurseries don't have vans or pantec trucks. Road registered and capable of being pulled by any large vehicle.

Plant Transport TrailerWhy choose C-Mac’s Plant Transport Trailer?

C-Mac have been working very closely with several customers in perfecting this plant transporting trailer. Heavy loads and vibration takes it toll if the shelving hasn't been fabricated to high standards. This has been learned the hard way.

C-Mac can design and make the shelves for your specific spacing requirements.

Steps are provided on the wheel guards so trays can be reached on the top shelves. A walkway up the middle also provides for easy reaching of trays and also allows for transport of tall plants in large pots.

Trailer floor can be used for tool storage e.g. Augers, shovels, rakes, watering hoses etc.

Frame can be removed and the trailer used for normal duties.

C-Mac’s Plant Transport Trailer Features

Here are C-Mac’s Plant Transport Trailer specifications:

  • Chequered plate floor to minimise slipping
  • Dual axle to carry the required heavy loads
  • Jockey wheel
  • Spare tyre
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Strong rectangular hollow section steel frame with galvanised sheet shelving having 50mm sides, with safety edges so you don't cut yourself when inserting or removing trays.
  • Solid galvanised shelves with drainage holes in corners of shelves. Having solid sheving with drain holes at the corners prevents contamination of plants when watering
  • No pinching of florage between shelves
  • Strong canvas canopy with zippers in all corners and roll-up sides all around for easy and quick access.

A plant transport trailer might be the answer to your horticultural logistic problems. You can contact C-Mac for more details now or you can click the yellow button below to get a free quote.

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