C-Mac’s Ezi Bagger Machine & Sandbag Hopper

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Many of our existing customers keep coming back to us and refer C-Mac’s products/services to their business counterparts thanks to the benefit, features, quality, longevity and service that C-Mac provides. One of our most successful products is the Ezi Bagger Machine.

The goal for any bagging system is to fill the bags with material as effectively and efficiently as possible. Effectively means getting the right amount of material loaded into the bagging hopper and getting the right amount of material drop through the hopper opening within a certain amount of time. Efficiently means minimizing the amount of time that is wasted during each bag filling process and maximize the production quantity.

There are many factors that contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of C-Mac’s Ezi bagger machine, but the design of the sheet metal hopper is a major reason why the machine performs so well.

Development of the Hopper

C-Mac originally started making the Ezi Bagger Machine Hopper about 35 years ago. The hopper has since been developed over time though trial and error.

What does C-Mac’s Ezi Bagger do

C-Mac Ezi Bagger Machine can fill every 30 litres or 20kg bag in 6 to 8 seconds.

The product really provides value for money and has been highly regarded as an excellent investment by our customers.

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