Gear Cutting Services

Cmac Fixes Gear Problems

Gears are used in many kinds of mechanisms. We manufacture all kinds of gears using precision CNC equipment in metal & plastic for your bespoke application. Applications may include one off custom machinery, OEM volume supply or repair of legacy equipment you can no longer find spare parts for.

Lifting Hoist Spur GearsPlastic GearsSpur Gears welded to stob shaftRope DrumHelical Gearcut PinionHelical Gear cut PinionHelical Gear cut PinionSpur Gear and splined shaft

Gears / Cogwheel Types Manufactured In-house:

  • Worm Gears (Worm wheel);
  • Spur Gears (Imperial spur gear, Metric spur gear);
  • Worm Double Helical Gears (Herringbone gear);
  • Bevel Gears (Straight bevel gears, Spiral bevel gears, Zerol bevel gears, Hypoid bevel gears);
  • External and Internal gears (External and internal splines, Internal ring gears etc);
  • Helical Gears (dry fixed);
  • Rack and Pinion;
  • Mitre Gears;  Skew Gears;  Splines;   Sprockets;
  • Strain Wave Gearing (Harmonic drive);
  • Epicyclic Gearing (Planetary gearing);
  • Crown Gear (Contrate gear);
  • Non-circular Gear (NCG);
  • Cage Gear & Magnetic gear;
  • Crown Cut Spindle gears
  • Sun & Planetary Gears;

Materials We Use in Gears

Special steels, castings, bronze, composite fibre and engineering grade plastics.

Our Gear Cutting Processes

  • Slotting - 300 mm max. Face Width x 1,800 mm Outside Diameter.
  • Gear Hobbing- Diameter 650 mm x 300 mm face width.
  • Gear Shaping -Internal gear max 400mm ID, external gear max 600mm OD Face width 130mm
  • Machining
  • Broaching
  • Finishing
  • Tooth Rounding
  • Milling
  • Gear Grinding
  • Heat treatment - Nitride, Case Harden and Flame Hardening.

Gear Cutting Range

  • METRIC 0.8 to 10 Module
  • IMPERIAL 60 DP to 1.1/4 DP.

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Gear Grinding Service

Gears are one of the most important machine elements in construction of transmissions other machinery. The requirements placed on gears in terms of power transmission or running smoothness continues to rise steadily. Grinding is therefore one of the most important methods for fulfilling these high quality demands.

CNC Gear grinding is a finishing process to obtain a predetermined quality gear. Gear grinding is done to meet the exact requirements of form, dimension, and surface texture. Gear grinding gives a very high degree of dimensional accuracy.

Gear Grinding Advantages

  • Reduces vibrations and noise at high speeds
  • Increased root and flank load carrying capacity with reduced gear box dimensions
  • Precision gears are capable of carrying more load while reducing transient loads.
  • Higher the level of precision, the longer a gear system will last.
  • Ultimately lowers operational costs by reducing input power requirements

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Lead & Involute Gear Testing Services

Quality of gears and analysis of gear tooth is achieved by using a universal gear tester. Spur, helical, internal gears and worm wheels can be tested with extreme precision

.Gear Tester

C-Mac can now offer the service of gear testing

  • Pitch Error
  • Lead Error
  • Run out

Gear Testing graph

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